Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zoe the wild woman

Zoe has morphed from a shy, introverted little flower to a wild woman. Where once she listened to music acting like a statue, she now bobs her head, claps loudly, and sings along with the band.

She told me today that at a pep rally, she actually stood up and did the chicken dance. She didn't yell, but she moved her body and she told her friend to act like she enjoyed it instead of just sitting there. (I guess your kids do actually hear you when you tell them something) All her friend did was sit there. Zoe and another friend actually wiggled their hineys in her face and made her jealous.

Zoe also told me that she went out in front of the entire student body and did the limbo. She said she was really kicking it. But later on she told me that it was a fib. She didn't really get up in front of everyone. She did it in her head. Sort of like how she tells Mr. Wonderful and I how she rocks it when we go to hear Tommy. She might have moved a fraction of an inch. Maybe.

The thing is, I get it. I know what it feels like to want to be a badass and not care what anyone else thinks. To just go with the flow. It's funny, I have one kid who is very outspoken and has no trouble telling off someone who does her wrong (not sure where she got that) - the kind of person I'd like to be. And then there's Zoe. We're just alike. We both want to be wild children without a care in the world. Even if no one else can see what we're doing.

I like to sing onstage with bands even if I'm not very good. I am really nervous at first and after about 5 minutes, I'm so into it, I feel like a freakin' rock star! It's the biggest rush I can get. I love it!!! There's something about being up in front of a bunch of people who are just drunk enough to think that you sound really good. I see why rock stars want to be rock stars. I want to be a rock star when I grow up!

Until then, I can only encourage Zoe to keep practicing her guitar, bobbing her head, tapping her foot and being really cool. Just like me.

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