Friday, November 8, 2013

Redneck Laundry

I mentioned earlier that my p.o.s. house is slowly falling down around me and guess what????? It still is! Oh, the joy! I decided to be proactive about the broken things at home and my first stab at playing repair wonder woman was my leaking wall behind my washing machine. Yep, it's leaking all right. Clear under the wall and into the next room.

Luckily, Manchild is a redneck repairman and he came up with a truly brilliant idea that would allow me to do my laundry without flooding multiple rooms until things can get fixed the right way. He opened the window in the laundry room, ran the drain house through the opening right out into the yard and then let 'er rip.

I'm not sure how I'm going to explain the geyser coming from my washroom window to my neighbors without coming across as pure white trash. I'm pretty embarrassed to tell them what's up even though they'll see a small sudsy lake if they happen to walk through the yard that runs between our houses. Maybe I could tell them that I'm trying to get the ground to swell while I wait for the foundation company to come out and fix my house. Maybe I could tell them that I'm trying to conserve water so I'm using the gray water to water my lawn. It doesn't matter that it's rained for the last 3 days...I'm just making sure that one spot is completely wet. Maybe I'll just hide whenever I see them outside so I won't have to explain myself.

This problem probably won't be fixed for the next month & 1/2 because I'm currently a deer widow. My hubby has been gone for the last week and he's going to be gone for another week so that he can hunt full time. And I know that he's going to be spending every spare waking moment hunting after his vacation is over, so asking him for help is a waste of breath. Oh well, I guess I'll have a nice, clean green spot where my washer spews the rinse water. Maybe the spot will get wet enough and water will start standing then migrating ducks can stop in for a rest. I could have wildlife right outside my kitchen window! Then someone will call the city and I'll get arrested for hoarding ducks. And for making a pond between two houses without a permit. And for doing redneck laundry in the city.