Monday, September 19, 2011

Hazel goes to a dance

I've mentioned in earlier posts about an interesting old lady named Hazel. She was pretty crotchety and didn't take any guff off of her husband, Bunk. In fact, they fought like cats and dogs.

One evening Hazel and Bunk went to their local VFW for some music and dancing. Oh, and drinking. The two of them could really slug back the alcohol which usually fueled their epic fights.

Hazel did not hesitate to voice her opinions and that night a band was playing that she did not approve of. To no one in particular, she loudly stated that the band was not worth a da^%. She said she wouldn't walk across the street to hear them.  Everyone heard her but she didn't care. Hazel liked to dance barefoot, so always took her shoes off as soon as she got inside.

Later on, Bunk (all doodied up in his pointy toed boots, with his hair slicked back and red dye residue on the top of his ears) decided to dance when Hazel wasn't ready so he asked another lady to take a spin with him around
the dance floor. After the song had ended Hazel was none too pleased with Bunk so she began to cuss him out. She said "what the hell are you doing dancing with that bit#$?" He tried to ignore her but she wouldn't let up.He finally sat there shaking his head and muttered "God dam$%#^^@*". Then she said "I ought to go over there and whip her ass." Manchild told her not to go over and purse whip that woman. Bunk had finally had enough so he told Hazel "why don't you go on with your craw fish toes." said " Immediately after that, she hit Bunk with her purse. Shortly after that, she stormed out and left Bunk to his own devices. That's just the way they rolled.

It's funny; they fought like that all the time and yet they were married for over 50 years. I guess they worked out their routine and no matter how horrible the fight sounded to people around them, they still had some kind of love for one another. Maybe they just loved to fight.

I'm on my second marriage at this time. Hopefully, it will be the last. My first husband was very quiet and non confrontational so we never fought. My new husband never seems to have any problem voicing what's bothering him. I've had to learn to speak up when things bug me. We don't have fights like Bunk and Hazel but we do have disagreements. I never can stay mad so our disagreements last about 15 minutes, then they're over. Thank gosh, because I don't think I could stand to have a relationship where I hit Mr. Wonderful over the head with my purse. And I'd never shout out that a band ain't worth a da%# in public!

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