Sunday, September 30, 2012

The wet, wandering, wacky day

Photo courtesy of LDS Liberty
 My kidlet and I had a day planned that was going to involve, art, music and fun but it didn't turn out quite the way we had planned it. I awoke at 6 am to find it raining outside and the rain was scheduled to stay around all day long. The event we had planned on going to was an outdoor event! We watched the weather channel to see if things would clear up but it didn't look promising. We putzed around the house for most of the day but eventually started going stir crazy so we decided to attempt the festival even if it was raining. We made a quick stop by the store to purchase an umbrella and headed out.

As I had silently predicted, we got to the event and there was no activity in sight. There might have been 10 cars in the parking lot. Once we admitted defeat, we decided to stop at a convenience store to buy treats to soothe our disappointment. Nothing heals disappointment like potato chips and chocolate!

Mildly soothed, we returned home and proceeded to have leaf races in the water that was flowing down the alleyway. What's a leaf race you ask? Well, you need a running stream of water and a leaf or two or three and a designated end point. Count down to start, drop your leaf and watch to see which one makes it to the end point first. It's simple but fun. Plus, you get to play in the rain and use your umbrella.

After that was over I called a friend and invited her over to watch a movie and hang out. As she arrived, kidlet came rushing in to the room and announced that the festival was going on and that we had gone to the wrong location. There was still a music act in the lineup so like fools, we all jumped into the car and rushed over to the venue. It was still raining so we got a front row parking space and we sprinted to join the 30 other people that were there, all crammed under a tent. The musician that was playing is a well respected artist and it had to have been a drag playing in the rain for about 30 people so I was determined to cheer loudly so he'd know that there was at least one true fan listening. I must admit that we didn't last long at the wet concert. We hightailed it outta there and went back home.

Once we arrived back at the house I decided that we needed some kind of entertainment since the festival had been such a disaster. I am the owner of a bitchin' set of South Park Uno cards so 5 of us played a couple of rounds of Uno. Somewhat entertaining, but we needed something a little crazier. I came up with the great idea of playing spoons. If you've ever played spoons, you know that it can get pretty rowdy and that's just what we needed. And we got rowdy - let me tell ya. Cards slapping on the table top, spoons clanging, screaming...we had it all.

I can't say that our wet day was great - it was varied and interesting, frustrating, peaceful, rambling and odd so I guess it wasn't a failure. It was just wet, wandering and kind of wacky.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Haunted weekend part deaux

As I stated in my earlier post, I witnessed what I think was a ghost. I was in a cool old hotel that apparently has a haunted past. Since my senses were humming I was on hyper alert mode and was scrutinizing everything around me. At one point in the evening I stepped outside for a smoke and was looking around at all of the cool old buildings in the town square. Movement from a second floor window across the street caught my eye. What had I just seen?

I stood stock still with my gaze focused on the window and I saw what appeared to be a button down shirt swinging wildly side to side but I didn't see any person! And before I could fully comprehend what I had just seen, it disappeared. I admit, I was pretty freaked out. I was thinking that my sixth sense was calling forth all kinds of spirits.

I stood there watching the windows and I began to notice vague white shapes moving around. Sometimes, the shape would rise up into the air then simply disappear. Other times, the shape would appear to be peeking around the window frame. The shapes never stayed in plain sight so I could seriously study them.

My kidlet joined me on the sidewalk and I pointed out the vague shapes to her to see if she could see them. She saw what I was seeing so it wasn't my imagination! We watched the shapes for about 5 minutes in total disbelief. And then...kidlet said that she thought she saw a person. Sure enough, there were people in the room. They were the ones making the shapes move.

I was so relieved to know that I was not watching ghosts materialize and disappear I shouted out "you f**Kers! You got me good! Bravo!!!" We had a good laugh over their prank and thought that they were brilliant for coming up with such a good spoof. I was also sorry I hadn't come up with such a good trick myself.

While I was wary to return to the bar in the hotel basement because I KNOW I saw a spirit, I was also less on edge and I could handle things better. I told some fellow patrons about the prank across the street and about the child I saw running through the lobby and they proceeded to tell me about haunted hotel rooms on the 4th floor. We decided to take a look for ourselves. That meant getting on the elevator that had creeped me out earlier. Since there were 3 of us going upstairs, I decided to be brave and get on the elevator.

We went up to the 4th floor and headed for the rooms that had a history of strange noises and occurances and let me tell ya...the closer to the rooms I got, the stranger I felt. My stomach felt queasy and it felt like the air was being squeezed out of my chest. I know I have a vivid imagination but I don't know how I could imagine the physical things I was feeling. We rattled the doorknobs and listened for anything strange but the place was quiet.

It didn't take long for us to decide to get the hell out of that area and head back to the bar. None of us felt good being in that area, apparently. We laughed the whole thing off as hokey but I know we all felt sort of strange. We were kindred spirits in oddness. Like I said before, I want to go back to that hotel and study it some more. I don't think I'll be able to get kidlet to join us - she was too creeped out, but I'll find someone who believes in spirits and things and get them to go with me. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, September 24, 2012

A bar, beers, blues an elevator and ghosts

This past weekend Manchild, kidlet #2 and I went to hear one of our favorite musicians play. The band was playing in the basement bar of The Rogers Hotel in Waxahachie, and while we were there, I decided to look around the property. It was an elegant old hotel that had been renovated and while it was pleasing to look at, something made me I went to the restroom and as I was walking back to the bar, something gave me the feeling like I really needed to get back to where there were lots of people.

While we were listening to the music, I kept noticing cold puffs of air blowing on my head. It happened 3 times. A little later I felt a cold puff of air on my arm - it made my sleeve flutter. Then I felt it on my back. By that time, I was beginning to wonder if the hotel was haunted. I needed to go to the restroom again and as I was headed that way, I noticed an elevator so I decided to take a ride in it and see where it went. As soon as the doors opened I got an overwhelming feeling of fear and dread. There was no way I was going to get into that elevator! I immediately went back to my family because I was a bit freaked out.

As I was telling them about the elevator and the puffs of air I felt, I saw someone skip by the doorway in the lobby where the restrooms and elevator were. At first I thought I had seen a dog running through the lobby then I realized that it was someone who was 2 legged not 4. I asked my kidlet if she saw a dog run through the lobby and she said she thought she saw a kid running quickly by. We got up to investigate and found no one in the lobby. We searched the stairs and even looked in the elevator but there was no one there.

We later found out from some of the locals that the hotel was reported to be haunted. Glimpses of a young girl had been seen by visitors and employees of the hotel. So maybe that's who we saw. Who knows? All I do know is that the hair stood up on my arms and I definitely felt something and I definitely saw a glimpse of something. And as scared as I was, I want to go back and visit the old hotel again and see if I experience something else.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Schwayze ate my Prozac!

This morning I was getting ready for work - just going through my usual routine. Hair gel, check. Hair spray, check. Brush teeth, check. Sally's Super Slimy Body Soothing Lotion, check. Jungle Gardenia and Garlic X-tra Strong perfume, check. Brilliant "Ho" Blue eyeshadow, check. Ultra thick brow and eye liner, check. 15 swipes of Cheap Pink blusher, check. Vitamins for Wimps daily vitamin, check. 3 different arthritis medications, check. Prozac, check.

I had my pretty pile of pills in one area of the counter and had planned to take them with a swig of coffee. I realized that my coffee cup was empty so I dashed to the kitchen for a quick fill up. When I returned to my bathroom I was horrified to find my kitty, Schwayze EATING my Prozac tablet!!!

 His mouth was going crazy like cats mouths do when they're eating something strange. I could see the tablet in his mouth and tried to grab it but I was too late. All I could attempt to grab was the little plastic thingy that holds the medicine.

Of course, he innocently looked at me like "what?" "I didn't do anything! Honest!" "I'm just an innocent, cute little kitty that you love oh so dearly. I'd never do something wrong." 
I figured that he'd start freaking out - or not, once those meds got into his system. I actually considered introducing him to our new pup since he'd be all chill and not have a care in the world. I could avoid the deep lacerations and bites that might have happened had I introduced him to the dog while he was sober.

I called kidlet #1 and asked her to keep an eye on him and I also did research to see if the medicine would harm him. Yep, I posted the question on Facebook 'Does anyone know if 10mg of Prozac will harm a medium sized cat?' I'll compile the data as the day wears on.

In the meantime, I hope Schwayze takes a nice trip without ever leaving the farm.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hunger Monster

Yes, I'm aware I've used this picture before. But I needed a quick refrence shot so HUSH!
 I like to think that I'm generally a pretty chill kinda girl. I roll with the punches. But when I get hungry, I become something all together different.

I'm told that I get a little...testy. And impatient. And sort of manic in my quest for food. Once I get the food, you'd better not get your hand or fork or any part of your body within 25 yards of it or I'll kill you. No, really. I'll kill you if you mess with my food.

Once I've eaten, I return to my normal, docile self. I'm as gentle as a lamb.

All I ask is that you don't mess with my food and that I get fed at somewhat regular intervals. We'll get along great if that happens.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sail Away

In my previous post I talked about how my oldest bestie's son passed away, and how inadequate I was at making her feel better. Well, I attended the memorial service the other day and was inadequate once again. But I guess I can relax a little bit because at least I know that I tried as hard as I could.

The service itself was very nice. There was a slide show to view, and music to listen to that had been thoughtfully compiled. There were also pretty flowers and a nice chapel for the event. And there were balloons. LOTS of balloons. I wasn't sure why the foyer of the church was full of them but I liked looking at them because to me, balloons are cheerful. And lord knows we could use some cheering up.

The preacher of the church was an extraordinary guy. He claimed that he was an atheist before he became a preacher! That got my attention because I usually break out in hives if I'm even near a church. He promised not to preach at us for long because that wasn't what we were there for. Instead, he invited the people in the chapel to step up to the microphone and tell stories about the young man that had passed. I thought that was a brilliant idea! There were some great stories that made us all laugh. When that was over, anyone who wanted to were invited to get a balloon and wrote a note on it then we all gathered outside and let them go all at once.

I sort of didn't want to let my balloon go because that would mean that the service was really over. The business of healing was beginning. My girlfriend was strong through the whole ordeal. I don't how she stayed so put together. I kept (and keep on now) find myself blubbering at the oddest times.

I'm praying for her harder than I think I've ever prayed for someone before. I'm praying that everyone I know is praying for her, too. Hell, I hope the martians are praying for her! If a million ba-jillion people pray for her, maybe she'll feel a sense of peace. I'll ask any of you reading this to forgive my rambling. I'm just "thinking out loud" in an attempt to find a way to help my friend. Time heals all wounds? Pffft! The time is going by excruciatingly slow people! It's obvious - I can't hold a thought in a straight line for 10 seconds. I give up. I'm ending this one now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My oldest friend of 37 years lost her son last Thursday. It's taken me this long to even be able to talk about it but writing is a release, so I'm hoping it helps. I wish it would help her more than it helps me but I know that's not going to be the case.

We went to junior high and high school together, went to college then both got married and after that we lost touch for a while. It wasn't until 3-4 years ago that we reconnected and I'm really sorry that a lot of time went by without us being in touch. I like to think we've made up for lost time.

I didn't get to watch her children grow up. She didn't get to watch mine but you know what? I feel like I could be a surrogate since she and I go so far back and are such soul sisters. I didn't really know her son very well but I know that she was a great mom and that she loved her kids as much as I love mine.

She called me Thursday morning and left a message stating what had happened. I had to listen to that message 4 or 5 times to understand what had happened and then I had to think about it for a while before calling her back. I regret that now. I should have called her back immediately but I didn't know how to handle her grief - or mine for that matter.

When I finally did call her back, she told me what happened and I was dumbstruck. I just couldn't believe that it had happened. I didn't have any of the right words to say (if there are any) and I felt like a total shit for not rushing to her house right away. I made sure she had family or friends present then I did my best to clear out my calendar so I could get to her. I didn't arrive until about 5 in the afternoon but her house was full of family and friends so I felt a little bit better about not being there.

I stayed with her until late at night and didn't leave until I had watched her swallow a pill that would help her sleep. I wanted to spend the night and sleep right next to her but her mom was there and I guess that wouldn't have been appropriate. The next 2.5 days I was out of pocket. I figured she'd have a house full of people anyway so it wasn't like I was deserting her.

Today is the memorial service for her son. The whole day I've had a feeling of dread. In one way it's a little bit good to finally have the service and begin healing, in another way I don't want her to have to say an official goodbye to him. If I'm this confused I can only imagine what she's feeling. It's almost too painful to try to imagine.

The thing that is the worst for me is that I am completely, totally helpless to help her. I can't make her feel any better. I can't make him come back. I can't do anything but cringe and cry and pray for healing. I can't really speak because the only words that come out of my mouth are stupid, ineffective ones. She told me that she got her son's name tattoed onto her ankle and I responded with the most stupid reply ever known to man...I said 'it hurts, doesn't it?' Uh, DUH! Do ya think? It hurts in so many ways! See, I told you stupid words fall out of my mouth. Maybe the best thing for me to do is just shut up. I can sit by her and hold her hand and hug her and just shut up.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ridin' the redneck roller coaster

When I was a kid my grandparents had a house that was by a creek. It was a pretty big creek and the hill from the stream up to the house was pretty steep which made for hours of fun for us kids. We'd get a wagon and all pile in it together then ride the wagon down the hill to the bottom where we would then "crash" and all fall out. As a kid, it felt like the wagon was going 100 miles per hour as we rolled down the hill.

This past weekend while down at the little house in the woods, I decided that it would be fun to ride the wagon down a steep hill and see if it was as much fun as it used to be. The first challenge was to fit my womanly hiney into the wagon. Man, wagons are a lot narrower than they used to be! The second challenge was to ride down the hill and not hit a large log that was at the bottom. Seeing as how it was pitch black outside and the only light I had was from the beautiful bonfire I had built, it just made the ride down the hill even more exciting.

Manchild and Kidlet were sort of giving me the ornery eye because they didn't think I could do it, I guess. But I crammed myself into that wagon, picked up my feet and off I went. It felt like I was going a hundred miles per hour, too. Man, was it fun! I didn't hit the log and I didn't crash and fall out. I proceeded to do it 3 or 4 more times and then Manchild decided to give it a try.

He looked even more like Humpty Dumpty in that wagon than I did! I laughed my keester off watching him fold himself up and sit in/on that wagon. He made it down the hill just fine and came back up the hill laughing. Then he went again. By that time, my kidlet (who doesn't like riding moving things) finally decided that she'd give it a try. The first time down she screamed like death himself was pulling on her. The second time down she came up the hill laughing and by the third time down she was having fun. She and I dared Manchild to take the wagon ride again only this time, we wanted him to go down the steepest hill of all. He accepted our challenge but the wagon stopped about 3/4 of the way down the hill, tipped over and he just rolled out like an egg. The funny thing was that he didn't utter a single sound. He just popped up to his feet and drug the wagon up the hill.

We all had a great laugh over that. He just looked so darn funny rolling out on the wagon and onto the ground! After that we decided it was time to call it a night. The next morning, my kidlet wanted to capture everything on film so we decided to ride the wagon again. I was the first to go and I made it down the hill pretty well but then I came to an abrupt halt. I killed the wagon! Actually, one of the rear wheels disintegrated and the metal rim was bent all to hell. There was no way I could fix it. I'm telling ya - I killed it.

I'm now trying to find replacement wheels for the wagon so I can use it to haul wood for bonfires. And so we can ride it down the hill some more. It's too fun not to do! Try it some'll have a blast.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rob's ride with mosquito spray

I have a friend whose main mode of transportation is by motorcycle. Summer, winter - it doesn't matter to him. 'Admirable', I say! I bumped into him the other night at a local biker bar (surprise surprise) and the talk turned to opinions about the local aerial mosquito spraying we're having around here in the mess-troplex. You see, there have been an alarming number of cases of west nile virus which is really scary so some parts of town opted to have aerial spraying in an attempt to kill the millions of 'skeeters around here.  My friend was all for it and claimed that it didn't hurt humans at all. He knew, because he was driving his motorcycle home one night and was startled to have a very low flying mosquito spraying airplane buzz right over him.

He got a face full of mosquito spray! Now you have to understand...this guy is fairly "individual" or interesting anyways so I am not sure if I'd notice that he had been aerial sprayed full in the face or not! He didn't seem to be any stranger ahem, different.

This is a guy who drives with a dog tucked into his coat and then he takes the dog into a really loud bar. He took that poor little dog into that bar about a dozen times. It's probably scarred for life. Not to mention that the dog got to ride in a coat down a freeway at 75 mph. So anyway, he told me that he got fogged not once but twice while riding his motorcycle. I've noticed that the peeps that live in my house have been coughing and sniffling and I wonder if it's because of the pesticides in the air. We're never normal so I don't know if we've been acting strangely or not. I don't know if my friend is acting strangely either. Because he's always strange. But that's why I like him. All I can say is to look out if you're riding a motorcycle and you see a low flying plane blowing out plumes of "stuff." You might get fogged, too.