Friday, September 23, 2011


Well, Manchild struck again. And guess who he got? Yep, Ms. Pearce at work. That man picks on that woman relentlessly! Usually he sneaks a stick under the desk and tickles her leg, but he pulled a new trick this time.

It seems he was outside and found a large, ugly grasshopper so he decided to have a little fun with it. He snuck it inside and placed it in a drawer where Ms. Pearce hides her snacks. And then he waited. Eventually, she returned to her desk and started working. After a while, he told her he was really hungry and asked her if she had anything to eat.

Ms. Pearce began naming off all of her offerings and opened her food drawer to find my boy a treat. All of a sudden that grasshopper jumped at her face. She let out a war whoop and was fanning her chest, looking like she was having a heart attack.

Of course, Mr. Man was laughing his hiney off. Now, you'd think that after all of the times he's pulled pranks on her, she'd know not to trust him for anything. But she fell for his hi-jinks once again. I'm glad he doesn't do that type of stuff to me. Maybe it's because I know where the guns are located and I'd shoot his conniving a@*. Or maybe he just likes the way Ms. Pearce freaks out when he startles her. She is a bit jumpy. Later, she was heard telling a coworker that he should be shot. And that same coworker told others around the office what happened and now she's known by the entire jail as Ms. Grasshopper.

Either way, I feel sorry for the woman. I wish I could come up with a really good prank to startle my beloved boyo. I've got to do something where I'm not next to him though. He's trained to be aware of his surroundings and he'd probably end up breaking my arm if I were close to him. If you've got any ideas, I'd sure appreciate you sharing them with me. That boy needs to learn a lesson!

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