Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crashing Cats

If you have tile or wood floors and you have cats, you know what I mean about crashing cats. I have 3 kitties living in my house right now. Ruby, Pork Chop and Schwayze. All three of them keep me laughing as they tear around the house, sliding into door frames, crashing into furniture and skittering along, trying to keep traction on the floor.

Cats are particularly funny when they crash because when they do, they usually take a nonchalant look around to see if anyone saw them. If they were caught, they act really insulted and then look at you as if to say 'what the h&*ll are you looking at?' They don't like to make fools of themselves.

Schwayze is still a kitten so he's particularly goofy. He has this habit of zooming up to door frames and leaping upward as if he's going to climb the wall. He does pretty good, too. That sucker can get at least 1/2 way up the wall! I'm not sure why he does it - there aren't any strings dangling to entice him and I never see a bug or something he might like to attack. He just does it.

Ruby seems to get spooked by unseen forces which cause her to tear through the kitchen and into the dining room. There's a 90 degree turn she has to make to get from one room to the other and that's the spot that causes the hilarity. Usually, I hear her little claws slipping on the tiles as she tries to work up a good gallop. Then I hear her tear through the kitchen. Next, I usually hear a fairly loud thump as she slams into some cabinets since she can't execute the turn without sliding. That's followed up by some grumbling under her breath as she picks herself up and takes off again.

Pork Chop is my fattest kitty but she's still pretty quick on her feet. She is a total scaredy cat (no pun intended) and all it takes to set her off is a quick movement by anything. It could be one of my pet dust bunnies rolling around and if it moved quickly, she'd bolt. I'm not sure if she's really embarrassed or not because she's outta there and into hiding so fast, I can't see her face.

I try not to laugh at the cats where they can see me. They get really offended and I don't like the go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks look they toss my way. Besides they're such sweet kitties, I figure they're praying to the Cat God that I don't make fun of them. See? I get it...I don't want people making fun of me when I do something really moronic either. Oh wait, yes I do. I usually point out the stupid things I do so people can laugh with me and at me.

(I wish I could take credit for these awesome cat pictures but I can't. Thanks Google Images!)

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