Friday, September 16, 2011

Bunk & Hazel Part I

This super awesome picture was taken by Clyde Essex and I found it on Google images. You can find more of Clyde's awesome pictures here:
Once upon a time there was a miserly old man named Bunk and his crotchety wife, Hazel. Bunk and Hazel were married many years and they tended to fight like cats and dogs. Bunk used to have an old Chevy pickup that was always in a state of disrepair. The truck had an air conditioner but Bunk thought that using it would cause it to burn too much gas. So he rode around with the windows rolled down - even if it was 100 degrees outside. Living in the country, Bunk drove through dusty pastures and down dusty roads all the time. Since he always had the windows down, the interior was caked in dust.

Bunk didn't believe in washing his truck so the layers of dust built up over many years. He didn't seem to mind that it was a rolling health hazard. One day Mr. Wonderful stopped by Bunk & Hazel's for a visit and he noticed that the truck was parked behind the house. He took a quick look at the truck and thought that it had been washed. He commented to Hazel that he was surprised that Bunk had washed it and she quickly set him straight, telling him that she took care of the truck. Only she hadn't washed it. She painted it.

Hazel had a habit of scouring hardware stores, looking for cans of old paint that were discounted, past their prime, out of date. Apparently, she had used one of her old cans of paint and brushed paint all over Bunk's truck. She didn't bother to wash or sand it beforehand, she just painted right over all of the layers of dirt and dust!

Apparently she had a habit of painting items that didn't look pretty any more. Trucks, lawn furniture, you name it. Manchild told me that Hazel painted all of the lawn furniture and that all of the pieces had paint at least 1/4" thick. In her usual painterly style, she didn't bother to wash them first. She just hermetically sealed the dirt with paint. Sort of like a time capsule.

She painted everything, even the fence posts. Once, Bunk came home with a large dent in his truck. Hazel asked him what the h-e-double hockey sticks he did to his truck and he told her that a cow hit him. It didn't matter that the dent was crusted with red paint. The same red as the fence posts at the entry of their property. I guess it didn't hurt the posts, though. There were probably 25 layers of other paint underneath that red paint. Hazel saw to that.

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  1. nothing like a fresh coat of paint, but one should always prep the surface by washing and sanding. I do, however, like the "time capsule" notion. Imagine what carbon dating will one day reveal.