Friday, September 2, 2011

How in the world can that happen?!?

My goofy brothers keep me laughing continually. When all of us are together, we sound like a bunch of laughing hyenas. I was driving yesterday and saw a guy on a motorcycle which made me think of my brothers and something that happened when we were young.

If you've ever read my blog before, you'll know that I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere. One of the things we all did for fun was ride motorcycles. Other than some cattle and the occasional horse, we had many large pastures to putt around in. You'd think that riding out there in a big empty pasture would be pretty safe but my two brothers managed to crash into one another.

Yep, picture this...two boys, two motorcycles, a pond and about 25 acres. Now picture said boys running into one another in the middle of said field. There were no cows around to dodge, the field was relatively flat, and the pond was small. So what in the heck-fire happened?

As you can see from the highly detailed photo I've provided, there's a large field. In that large field there's a small pond. The black dotted line represents the route that the boys drove and the red squish shows where they collided. I do know that when dirt biking, the object of the game is to ride in and out of dips and try to jump over small hills, so my only guess is that they both wanted to ride around the edge of the pond. I guess it didn't occur to them to watch out for one another.

It was this occurrence that solidified my belief in the reasons why I did NOT want to ride anywhere near where my brothers rode.  I was a pro at dodging cows and ponds and other people. I just didn't want them to hit ME. I think you can understand that, can't you?

Beware: Be careful if you ever see one of my brothers on a motorcycle. You might not be safe.

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