Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spray hair

My brother Kyle likes to do things just to see how people will react. One time he got a can of spray on hair and proceeded to spray that hair all over his head and forehead. It was extremely obvious that the "hair' was fake and that was part of the allure of it.

Another time, our cousin married and we all went to the wedding. My brother was a groomsman and he got to wear a  pretty pair of shiny black patent leather pair of shoes. After the wedding was over we decided to go driving around drinking beer. My brother wore faded jeans, a
t-shirt and those shiny shoes. He wore them all day, all evening and all night. He was so proud of those shoes.

Another time, he and his wife went to San Antonio for a family gathering and somehow they would up with a bunch of little Mexican flags. After the weekend was over and they were heading back to Dallas, my bro took a bunch of those flags and stuck the sticks in the crack between the hood and fender. They rode with those flags on the car until they started to shred. Mexican people from San Antonio to Dallas waved and probably thought that they were seeing the Mexican president or something. A Mexican president driving a 80s model Chevy. For sure.

He's constantly doing silly stuff and he doesn't care how people react. I'd be embarrased to do some of the things he does but he eats it up. He's the class clown even though he's long removed from school. I think the world needs silly people like him. We all need a good laugh every now and then. I'm feeling so warm and fuzzy about all of his stunts, I think for Christmas I'm going to give him a package of flags on sticks and a pair of patent leather wedding shoes.

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