Thursday, September 8, 2011


Have you ever known someone who is pleasant enough to be around, but they talk too much? I have a few friends like that. I like them but when it comes to time to end the conversation, I just can't get them to stop talking!!! This drives me INSANE.

The motormouths, or mm's as I like to call them are completely oblivious to the fact that they just need to stop talking. MM's fall into two categories - the work kind and all the rest. Work mm's stop by for a "quick question" and are usually standing around your office or cube for 30+ minutes.

Work mms: I have one such person that I work with. This person stops by to say hello and no matter what I do to indicate that I need to get back to work, they keep on and on and on and on. The particular person I have in mind doesn't seem to notice that I return to my computer and resume working and respond only with 'umm humms' and 'oks.' I've even answered phone calls and they hang around until I'm done! Usually I end up having to say "I really love you, but I have to work now." Even then it takes another 10 minutes or so for them to finish talking!

All the other mms: These are the people who stop by your house to drop off or something and an hour later, your dinner is burned the kids are whiny and you're about to pull your hair out. I don't care what you're doing, they're gonna talk your ear off. You could be in the middle of open heart surgery, attempting to remove the patient off of bypass breathing and blood pumping, and the person will stand there and keep yammering.

The usual tactics of edging towards the door or yelling to your kid "I'll be right there" doesn't work. Telling the offender that you have to leave doesn't work. Not at all. They don't get it. You have to be really blunt. And that doesn't work most of the time.

I have no clue how to fix this problem. I'd really appreciate some feedback from all 4 of my readers to find out how to deal with this. PLEASE!!! Help me. Otherwise, I'll find you and start talking and I won't stop until I notice that most of your hair has fallen out. Either that, or until you physically push me away and tell me to shut up.

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  1. You could always say, 'I'm hanging up now.' I've learned that sometimes it's the only thing that ends a phone conversation. lol

    Thanks for the offer of the Datura seeds. I did get a lot this year from the pods I brought indoors to finish ripening. But I so appreciate the offer!

    And thanks for stopping in. Enjoyed hearing from you. :-)