Sunday, September 18, 2011

Peep's Cows

My dear old Dad is someone who can't sit still. His homestead is immaculate. There's not a blade of grass out of place. He loves puttering around his acreage, trimming stuff and hauling rocks, etc.. Not too terribly long ago he and my other mother got a mama Longhorn and her baby. They're named Daisy and Dallas.

Now, you'd think that if you had property and you had cows, you'd just let them trim the pasture grass for you. They do eat some grass but they are given bonuses every week. You see, Dad works for his church's food bank and there's always lots of produce left over. One week they might get a truckload of watermelons and another they might get corn. They never know what they're going to get.

Invariably, the boxes of produce have stuff in them that are past their prime. Mushy potatoes, spoiled cantaloupe, carrots that are as hard as a board. Stuff not fit for human consumption. And that's where Dad lucks out.

He takes the stuff that's not fit for humans and he carries it home to Daisy and Dallas. Usually he'll call me and tell me what he's feeding them on that particular day. Today he was feeding them carrots. He said that some of them were as big around as your leg! Monster carrots! He broke them into pieces and fed them to Daisy and Dallas for as long as they'd eat them. He also said those two cows were in carrot nirvana.

It's always the same on treat days. The cows happily munch on their treats and Dad gets a big kick out of spoiling them. Their diet isn't limited to vegetables either. Oh no. They've had ciabatta bread and cheese bread and even chocolate chip bagels. Apparently, the chocolate chip bagels are their favorite. They'd be my favorite, too.

One of these days I figure Dad will have to put those cows on a diet. Until then, long live Daisy and Dallas. Let's hope they get to eat all of the bagels they want.

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