Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cat in the...suitcase? (Bunk part II)

Sometimes people do things that they find funny when in reality, it isn't. Sometimes it can be downright dangerous.

Once up on a time, there was a guy named Bunk. Bunk had a camphouse in the middle of the woods where he trapped for pelts, hid out from his wife, maybe made alcoholic beverages and drank a lot. One time he was at the camphouse drinking and trapping with his buddies when they trapped a bobcat.  Bunk and his friends were trying to figure out what to do when one of them came up with a "brilliant" idea. They went to the dump and found an old suitcase and wrangled the cat into it. Then they placed it on the side of the road where it was clearly visible, then waited to see who picked it up and was nosy enough to open it. They backed down the road a bit and waited for the hilarity to begin.

Soon an old car full of men came rattling down the road. It went past the suitcase then slammed on the brakes, backed up and an arm reached out and snatched up the suitcase. Bunk and his friends were doubled over with laughter and decided to follow the car down the road to see what happened. As they approached a curve in the road, they saw the car they were persuing - minus the occupants.  The car had left the roadway and was stalled out in a ditch. The suitcase was open and the bobcat was nowhere to be seen.

Can you imagine how awful it would be to be riding down the road in a car full of people have have an angry bobcat fighting for all it was worth to get away? I imagine the people in the car were scratched to smithereens.

Let this be a lesson to you all. If you see a suitcase sitting on the side of the road, you might be wise not to put it your car and then open it up. You never know when some crazy coot will put a poor wild animal in a suitcase and leave it for someone to pick up.

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