Sunday, September 4, 2011


Me at 44
 Even though I'm 48, I don't feel like it. I keep thinking of myself as an upper 20 something or young 30 something. It's not until I stand next to someone of that age group that I realize that I'm a little saggier, a little less energetic, a little less goofy (well, that part isn't true) than those people.

A obvious reminder of my age is the occurance of my 30th high school class reunion. 30 years??? How can this be? Time has flown by so quickly!

I went to two different high schools back in the day. The first high school was only during my freshman year but that year had a lot of impact on me. I attended the second high school for 3 years and while it was great, I don't feel the need to go rushing to the reunion. In fact, I didn't go. Thanks to social media sites, I've found the people I want to see from those days.

The high school I attended during my freshman year is a different story. For some reason I feel stronger ties to that school. Maybe it's because I feel like I have more history there. I lived in a different town then. Mr. Wonderful lived in that town. It's where I went to elementary and middle school. It's where I learned to drive (illegally) and where I got drunk for the first time and where my first boyfriends happened. I haven't seen those classmates for 33 years. That's a long time. I'm not even sure if I'll recognize anyone.

Me at 16
 It's funny to me that I think I look the same. Oh yeah, my eyes might not be as wide open, my skin isn't as smooth, and my hair is a lot shorter, but otherwise, I think I'm pretty much the same. But when I look at some of my old classmates I think to myself "boy, they really look old!" That probably isn't fair. They might think the same thing about me.
I look at my almost 17 year old self and think how young she looks. When I was 17, I knew I looked youthful, but I didn't think I looked like a child. Now I know better. I just hope I can keep up with the pull of gravity. I don't want my lower eyelids to hang clear to my chin! I don't want to have the wobbly neck-thing going on. I don't want ripply, dimply skin.

Me at 1 year
 Basically, I want skin like this.
I don't think it's going to happen because my method of facial skin care in the evening before bed is to a) crawl into bed, b)lie my head on the pillow, c)go to sleep, d)let my makeup rub off onto the pillow case. That's it. Nothing fancy about it. I call it the "Tammy Faye" method of skin care. If you don't know who Tammy Faye is, google her. You'll get my drift.

Oh well, I'm happy to be my age. I'll be happy to see my old classmates. Hopefully, they'll be happy to see me. Hopefully, they'll be awed by my youthfulness.

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