Monday, January 30, 2012

Would you tell me?

 If I had a booger on my nose, would you tell me?
 If I had broccoli in my teeth would you tell me?
If I had toilet paper hanging out of my clothes or my face was so oily my makeup had smeared everywhere and I looked like a clown would you tell me?

These are the kinds of thing that I'll tell people I know. Actually, I'll tell someone I don't know if they have toilet paper or broccoli or a booger. Maybe not so much on the oily face.

I think it's only fair to let someone know if they've got something that makes them look stupid or if it's something embarrassing. I used to have a friend in high school Janet, who for some reason ALWAYS had boogers in the corner of her nose. She'd talk to me and all I could think about and unfortunately, look at was that dang nasty booger. I'd wipe my own nose hoping that she'd pick up on the hint and do the same but having a big o'l green crusty booger never seemed to phase her. She also had the thickest caterpillar eyebrows I've ever seen. They were bigger than any mans eyebrows I've seen. They didn't seem to phase her, either so maybe looks just weren't a big deal to her. Ugh, makes me want to pluck and pick just thinking about her. One time I told her about her nasal decoration and she sort of swiped at it but didn't get it. I told her again and she swiped again. When it didn't dislodge, she just shrugged her shoulders and went about her business. I sure hope as she aged that she never decided to get a nose piercing. With her booger production, that would just be way too gross.

Sorry that I got off onto a tangent about gross stuff. The point of my story was to tell you that I think you're being kind if you point out stuff to people. Not everything - just boogers and sliding makeup and broccoli in teeth. And of course and always, trailing toilet paper.

Check you mirrors, girls. And please tell me if I have additional "embellishments" on my  face that don't look like they belong.

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