Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hooray, it's over!!!

At last! It's over! Deer season is over. Hallelujah and hooray, I can finally have my hubby back. You see, I've been a deer widow since the beginning of November.

Mr. Wonderful waits all year long for those precious 2 months when he can deer hunt. He absolutely loves hunting. The rest of the year he prepares for deer season, planting and feeding and coddling the little buggers - um, I mean the amazing creatures. I understand that it's the thing that brings him the most joy and I understand that it's a short window of time when he can participate but it doesn't mean that I like it.

Our normal activities at our little house in the woods are temporarily restructured so that it remains quiet lest we scare the deer away. There aren't days where we can go out with the guns and blow the hell out of big game beer cans. We don't even usually mow the yard because the lawn tractor might spook Bambi.

I have gotten used to being alone on the weekends. I have gotten used to spending new years eve alone. I have gotten used to tippy toeing all over the place. But again, it doesn't mean that I like it. I think it must be a man thing to be so obsessed with something. There are lots of things I like to do but I'm not goofy crazy about any one thing like he is.

I've been paying attention to guys that have things they really love. Male musicians play constantly. When they aren't playing, they're tinkering with their instruments. Motorcycle racers spend every weekend riding or working on their bikes. Artists spend all of their free time creating. How do they do it?

Mr. Man has told me that as a guy, he tends to have a one track mind. He can't multi task like I can. When his mind is on something, it's ON that one thing. Conversations usually have to wait because he's pondering whatever it is he's pondering. He can't put it away and focus on something else. Maybe it's because I'm a mom and I have to do 20 things at once. I don't have a choice. Children all over the world would perish if guys had to be their sole caretaker because they couldn't switch their attention off of whatever they're obsessing about. Not us chickies. If women ruled the world, everything would be taken care of within days. There wouldn't be war because we wouldn't have time to stop from cooking and cleaning and caring for others.

I'd like to say that while deer season was happening I accomplished a total home makeover or painted the Sistine chapel but I didn't. I watched lots of cheesy TV and painted my nails. I enjoyed the peace and quite some of the time. But after the 3rd or 4th weekend by myself it started to wear a little thin. I'm so happy that he's back and that we can go out on a date. Not a date where we sit in a cold deer blind for hours but a real live date where I get to wear something besides camo. He's going to be in mourning for a while but I can handle it. I've got lots of ways to cheer him up. Like helping me hang a new light fixture. Or repairing drywall cracks or a thousand other things.

I feel whole again and everyone who has to be around me should be happier too. They don't have to put up with me moping around because I miss him. I'm sure the excitement will wear off in a few weeks but for now, it's like honeymoon time around my house. I can enjoy myself for the next 11 months until deer season rolls around again.

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