Monday, January 9, 2012

I got in a fight with Mama

Did I get your attention with that title? I bet so. No, I'm not a redneck, fighting bitch who punches her Mama when they have a disagreement.  We don't regularly wrestle out our disagreements. Actually, we don't have disagreements. Period. The only thing between the two of us is a case of miscommunication.

You see, my Mom is the most literal person I have ever encountered in my entire life. If I make a casual comment like "I'll see you at 1/2 past a monkey's ass" she'll look for a monkey and it's ass. If I make a totally stupid statement like 'it's colder than a witches titty' she'll find a witch and feel how cold her titty actually is. Do you get my drift? (I love you, Mom)

I've told dear old Mom about our adventures in music, and how Mr. Man and I take kidlet out to hear great musicians. I call the places we go to "bars" sometimes, and in her mind, we take her to divey, dark scary places where potential killers hang out. We told her about a night that we were out and we were unfortunate enough to see two grown men get into a fight. I think Mom thought that we were in some biker bar where grown men carry guns and knives and they proceeded to maim and slice one another to the death.

In actuality, we go to family friendly places. Restaurants that happen to have attached bars and live music. There's usually more than one kid in attendance. In fact, they are the places where underage kids can get up on stage and play music for the experience. There are parents, and normal people and families eating dinner. Not beer swilling, pool playing, law evading lowlifes.

I guess I should have been a little clearer and should have told Mom that we go to places like Chili's or TGI Fridays but I didn't even begin to think about how my statements could be misconstrued. Anyway, Mom and I got to talking about how I take kidlet out and she mentioned that it was inappropriate to take a kid to such places. She obviously disapproved of what we were doing. Of course I got defensive and tried to clarify the situation but the damage was done. It got pretty tense that day in her kitchen. She told me that she wasn't sporting for a fight and I tried to back down pretty quickly. I just didn't want my Mom to think that I was a bad mom. She struck a nerve.

I like to think that I'm doing my kidlet a favor by taking her to hear music other than the usual teeny bopper junk that you hear on the radio. I want her to be exposed to all types of music. But it bugs me to think that my Mommy doesn't approve of how I'm raising my child. I'm 48 freaking years old and yet, I don't want my mother to be disappointed in me. She is the best mom in the entire universe. I hold her in the highest regard and I think that she's the strongest, most wonderful parent that God or whoever ever created. I want to live to be as good of a mother as her. So when I think I've screwed up it really bugs me.

I don't know if I'm doing right or wrong. Kids don't come with an instruction booklet unfortunately. I know I had a good role model and I hope I'll be a good role model to my girls but sometimes I wonder. I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing and I'll hope and pray that my mother appreciates the two good girls I've raised. I hope she's proud of me. I sure am proud of her. Let's hope my girl is proud of me as well. Even if I do take her to places where there's live music and the occasional stupid idiot dude fight. I can't control what the yay-hoos do. I can only protect my girlies to the best of my ability. And show them a slice of life that some people don't see. Fight or no fight.

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