Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gross on top of gross with a side dish of gross

There are words in the English language that make me want to hurl when I hear them. I've decided to treat you to some of these words today because I'm nice that way.

Pus     Secretion    Unguent     Pungent     Salve     Fecal     Ooze     Suppuration
Purulent     Vaginally     Anus     Secrete     Fondle     Mucus     Seeping     Moist
Phlegm     Discharge     Flaccid     Scrotum     Ointment     Scab     Mutilation
Maggot     Phlegmatic     Mold     Gluten     Suckle     Snot     Perfunctory     Mealymouthed     Squat     Pimple     Squelch     Smegma     Nougat     Gargle
Gristle     Grope     Fondle     Spore     Probe     Coagulate     Festering     Gland
Placenta     Sputum     Lice     Gelatinous     Volvo     Flagella     Smear     Sludge
Clogged     Gushing     Ocular     Angina     Juicy     Flap     Slit     Succulent     Viscous
Trickle     Fornicate     Crusty     Teat     Smattering     Regurgitate     Fleshy     Bulb
Pulchritude     Zit     Kumquat     Ululate     Fecund      Slither     Quagmire     Suction
Guttural     Smear     Squirt     Groin     Titillating     Wart     Fetus     Uterine     Flaccid
Magma     Curdle      Fester      Masticate  Genital

I could probably come up with more but you get the idea. Are you starting to get queasy looking at the pictures? I have to admit, I think this is my most disgusting post yet. Not only do I have horrible words, I have horrible images. I mean, I can feel my lunch rising up in my throat just looking at that nasty pimple. UGH

Here's something to make you smile and get your mind off of grossness. Starts with "pus" but has a much nicer ending. You're welcome.


  1. i like that you included flaccid twice. and may i add congeal to the list? my MIL always makes a green jello salad thing every christmas and calls it congealed salad. way to make it sound disgusting so i can't even eat it, lady!

  2. @ Sherilin, maybe she calls it such a gross name so there will be leftovers for her to take home. Didn't realize I wrote flaccid twice. But it IS a gross word.

  3. Frankie, you need help! BTW was it a Freudian slip when you added "fondle" twice??? LOL