Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rubbing Faces and Dragging Cats

Our little boy kitty, Schwayze is a character. He’s very “talkative” and loving. Now that he’s a teenager, he seems compelled to mark his territory and protect us against intruders. I wrote a while back that I noticed a bunch of his fur floating around my backyard, probably from a scrap with another tomcat.

His forays into the wild (aka my back yard) go something like this:

Hey Schwayze, do you want to go outside?
Brrrrr brrr mew mew mmmmmmm mmmmmmeow
Ok, let’s go! Come on, you can take more than 5 steps outside.
Brrrrr brrr mew mew mmmmmmm mmmmmmeow
Aww look at you rubbing your little cheeks all over the place. Does your scent smell good?
Brrrrr brrr mew mew mmmmmmm mmmmmmeow
I love the way you walk casually then just flop onto the ground and rub your body all over the pebbles. Does it feel good?
Brrrrr brrr mew mew mmmmmmm mmmmmmeow
Ok, well, I’m going to let you wander around for a while. Don’t get into any fights, OK?
Brrrrr brrr mew mew mmmmmmm mmmmmmeow

Once he comes back inside he has to tell me about everything he saw and experienced.
Brrrrr brrr mew mew mmmmmmm mmmmmmeow  Brrrrr brrr mew mew mmmmmmm mmmmmmeow  Brrrrr brrr mew mew mmmmmmm mmmmmmeow

Then, he goes through his rubbing ritual where he rubs his cheeks on every single doorframe, chair, piece of furniture and all of us lowly humans.

His face rubbing reminds me of a cat I used to have named W. W was a strange cat too. He wasn’t as talkative as Schwayze but he had plenty of quirks to keep me amused. One thing he absolutely loved was for me to tie a rope around his mid section then drag him around. We had a rock road leading to our house and the rocks were fairly large. Maybe 2 inches wide or so, and they were white, dusty stones. This meant that when I dragged W, he bumped and lurched over the rocks. All that jolting didn’t seem to faze him one bit. It was almost like he was getting a kitty massage. Petting him afterwards was a dusty affair since he was coated with the stuff.

I’m sure that if someone had seen me dragging W around they would think that I was abusing him but I swear, he loved it. He’d let me drag him as long as I was willing to pull that rope. One time I drug him almost the entire length of the rock road. That amounted to almost ¼ mile! He purred and loved every minute of it. He had other strange quirks but the dragging thing was the strangest.

Cats are cool because they can do or allow really stupid things to happen to them, and they look at you like “WHAT???” They’re too cool for school. The only schooling they do is teaching silly humans how to bend to their will and fulfill their every whim. You’ve got to ask yourself who is really the smarter mind. I think the cat is ahead of us.

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