Sunday, February 12, 2012

I went to the gun show with Mr. Man

Mr. Wonderful and I don't go together like peas and carrots, we're more like Ren and Stimpy.

Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne.

Cousin Eddie and Catherine

I'm such a city girl and he's such a country boy. I like art and concerts and going out to clubs. Manchild likes gun shows. Which leads to my story.

Yesterday, I had a full day planned of goofing off, watching TV, eating bon bons and drinking champagne Bud Light, but Mr. Man asked me to go with him to the gun show. Because he asked me to go I abso-freakin-lutely agreed. I've been to some shows with him previously and they were usually painfully boring.

When we got to the one we went to yesterday, I figured it would be the same way but this one turned out differently. I admit, for the first five aisles we fought our way through crowded aisles. I'm talking really crowded! Tons of men pushing and wedging, attempting to find the perfect gun (I guess). At these shows, there's always someone selling various kinds of jerky. Apparently, 99% of the guys ate some because every 10 seconds I got a face-full of jerky burp. Also, guys don't care if they fart and stink up their immediate personal space because there was plenty of that going on, too. I wish I would have had some of that stuff coroners rub under their nose to block the smell of death because there was plenty of stink going on.

I've told boyo before that to me, gun shows look like 250 tables of the same thing over and over. There's pistols, rifles, flashlights, stun guns, holsters, knives and...wait a Oh, hell yeah!!! Somethin' for da ladies!!! A few gun shows ago I found the lone jewelry table and got a smokin' cool amber ring. FOR CHEAP! This time I didn't find any jewelry because I wasn't feeling the turquoise cuffs that looked like something Wonder Woman would wear, or the ring that was 3.5" long.

This time I found a picture for sale at an ammo booth and it took my breath away. At first I thought it was an abstract print so I stood off to the side, studying it for a while. The vendor dude saw me and called me over to look at it. Turns out, it was a picture from the wildfires in Bastrop, TX which occurred over this past summer. Out of something very sad and devastating came a picture I thought was extremely beautiful.

I was so excited! The more the vendor told me about the picture, the more it spoke to me. It had 2 of my favorite things! Fire and cows! I've never been a wheeler dealer but this time I worked on getting him to come down on the price and he did! I felt like I got a great deal and I think Mr. C. Smith was happy I was so happy. So now, I have one of 11 prints made of that scene. I was told that right after that picture was taken, firefighters cut the fence and got the cows into a trailer and hauled to safety and sadly, the entire property was reduced to cinders. Like I said, out of tragedy came a bit of incredible joy.

I imagine I'll keep going to stinky, crowded gun shows with Mr. Wonderful if he asks me but I won't mind. Maybe I'll find another treasure. Try it some time. It's a real experience.

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