Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bad Hair

Short hair the way it should look

Still short but growing out
I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. It's super fine and straight so I can't pull off the full body, curled mane like the pretty girls can. Mine might start out that way but it usually takes about .03586 seconds for it to fall flat.

Getting sorta gnarly
Some time ago I decided to cut it off short and wear it spiky on the top. That's all well and good except that in order to keep it looking good, I need to have it cut every three weeks. A decent hair cut is usually about $45 or so and friends, I'm not made of money. The money tree in my back yard hasn't borne fruit for...ever. I have tried places like Super Cuts, Discount Dos, Joe's Broke Bowl Cuts, Elmer's Barbershop and at those places I always end up looking rather mannish.

My niece was going to beauty school so I could get a haircut from her for $9 (right up my alley!) but she graduated and now that she's a professional, the price has risen. She'd give me a discount but I still couldn't afford to have her do it every 3 weeks.

The pictures you see are a progression of my mop from short to medium to downright skanky. I've thrown in a couple for your viewing pleasure of alternative styles.

I could go for the cone head style if I could get my cranium stretched up and out. Then, I'd have a beautiful swan-like neck instead of the short, turkey waddle one I have now. Then, I got the great idea to maybe sport a hot pink mohawk. The company I work for uses the color pink in everything so I'd fit right in.

What do you think?

Cone head beauty

Mohawk madness!!!

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  1. oh definitely the pink mohawk! maybe the company will make you their mascot.
    i can't afford to get mine cut very often either, so i have to settle for a longer style that's less noticeably troublesome while growing out. i only get to go about twice a year.