Thursday, February 2, 2012

Someone needs to retire!

Last night Manchild and I took kidlet to a concert. Since she's a blues hound we decided to turn her on to blues artists besides Stevie Ray Vaughn or Jimi Hendrix so we took her to hear Johnny Winter. The guy is a great guitarist and has been around for years but the show last night left a lot to be desired.

I knew that he was getting up in years but I was shocked to see that he had to sit during the entire performance. This made it hard to see him playing because we weren't on the front row and the big headed people in front of us blocked our view.

The guitar playing was good but I think that the sound people were whacked out on crack or something. We couldn't hear or understand any of the vocals and the guitar was so loud everything else was drowned out. I'm sorry to say, but it was like listening to a guy who is too old to rock out any more. He looked old, he sounded old and by him sitting the entire time, he was just...old.

We enjoyed the 2 bands that played before Mr. Winter came on but sadly, the main act was a real let down. We ended up leaving early. As we were leaving I noticed that there were quite a few empty seats that prior to his playing were full. I hope the lights were in his eyes so he didn't see people walking out of his show. I guess I'll just have to rely on older recordings of his music since the new stuff leaves me feeling flat.

I'll find another show to take kidlet to so she can experience live blues. She's game - she loves the music scene. And now she knows the difference between a good show and a not very good show. It happens some times.

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