Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Vulture

My family is goofy. All of us. My parents, my siblings, my kids. That's why I call my blog About 1/2 a bubble off. My nephew (whose dad is a carpenter) loves to tell me how goofy I am and one time, he told me that I was about 1/2 a bubble off from center. I thought that was the absolute perfect description and I've used it ever since.

Now that I'm way off subject, let me try to get back to the point. My Dad and OtherMother are good church going folk and they seem to always be visiting someone in the hospital. Many moons ago, they found a stuffed vulture and decided to make it the official sick person mascot. They take the vulture to the hospital and hang it somewhere near the person's bed. The goal is for the person to get better, otherwise the vulture will be there to clean up the mess. Sorta gross some may say, but I think it's funny.

The hospital staff usually always sees the humor in the vulture. I think that hospital workers have some of the grossest senses of humor of all. Cops are right behind that. I have had the vulture in my hospital room as has my daughter and it always gave us a chuckle. I think that the vulture may have gone missing so I'm going on a search to find one of my own. I've found some online but they don't have fuzzy feathers around their neck, and that's what makes me laugh. Who says being in the hospital has to be a sad thing? You can get a chuckle there, too.

Try it some time...find a gross little something or another and the next time you visit a friend in the hospital take your toy with you. Make up some absurd story about it and I bet you'll have people laughing with you.

Get well soon! Squalk Squalk!

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