Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love...

I love my Mom because she’s strong, fair, kind, loving, generous and wonderful.

I love my Dad because he’s always made me feel like a princess. Even when I was being a toad.

I love my Step Mom because she’s fair, understanding, laid back, generous and very, very kind.

I love my Step Dad because he’s always positive, caring, a true gentleman, helpful and easy going.

I love my girl Kat because she’s strong, fearless, smart, caring and is very comfortable in her own skin.

I love my girl Zoe because she’s spirited, funny, very unique, extremely loving and gentle.

I love my husband because he’s strong, unafraid of anything, gentle, softhearted, loves animals, and isn’t afraid to show his feelings for me.

I love my ex-husband because he’s a good provider and a wonderful father.

I love my friends because they are genuine, supportive, are good sounding boards and would help me whenever I needed it.

I love my life because I’m fortunate enough to have all of these wonderful people around me, I have a good job, a warm, safe home, a strong family and because I am alive.

1 comment:

  1. you've got a great list of people to love. i like that you included your ex. they can seriously make your life better or worse & it's good that you appreciate yours.
    happy valentine's day!