Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kiss Me!!!

I'm a hugger and a kisser. I loooooove hugging my friends, family, the mailman...whoever will let me hug them. One of my favorite tricks to pull on guys is to go towards them for a hug and tell them "gimme a kiss, too!" Then I lick my licks until I'm good and slobbery and watch them try to get away from me.

I did this to a young co-worker at a happy hour the other day. He was so cute...first his face turned really red then he slowly started backing away then he just burst into laughter. He was in on the joke.

Try it some time, it's funny. Just make sure to lick way outside of your lips and practically have the spit running down your chin to make it look really gross. Then watch your target try to figure out if you're serious and how they can get away from you.

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