Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Speed Racer Girls

My oldest gal pal was the first of the two of us to drive. Her parents let her use their Honda Civic and we must have put a zillion miles on that thing. It was so liberating to have wheels.

In the town we lived in, basically the only thing there was to do was to drive up and down over and over and over on the main street through town. Sometimes, we'd pull over in a parking lot and visit with friends. Then we'd drive up and down the main drag again.

Another of our favorite things to do was drive out to the local lake and ride around. The roads around the lake were rock and if enough speed was attained, it was possible to slide around the curves. Of course, being mature teenagers, we opted to do lots of sliding. We never considered the fact that we could flip the car or blow out the tires or anything like that. We just thought it was funny to make that tiny car slide.

It's a good thing that car was a gas miser because we rode around so much. And it was in the days of big land yacht cars, so we were sort of green before it was cool to be green.

I can't look at a Honda Civic without thinking of my bestie and the days when we used to zip all over town and pull some sick slides on the curves of the roads around Lake Halbert. Those were the days let me tell you.

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