Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Itsy bitsy spider...

Being the city/country girl that I am now, I don’t get freaked out as easily over bugs and spiders and snakes as I used to.  I can see a snake and not run away screaming. I can swat away pesky flying bugs. And I can pretty much ignore spiders with the exception of daddy long legs, black widows, wolf spiders, tarantulas, ugly scary looking spiders…well, I don’t like spiders but I can handle them reasonably well.
This morning I climbed into my car and took off for work only to discover a spider delicately dropping down from the ceiling while I was going 45 mph. I couldn’t jump out of a speeding car in rush hour traffic so I not so delicately swatted it into what I thought was oblivion and continued down the road. I’ll admit, I looked all over the cabin of the car every chance I got to make sure that the spider wasn’t crawling up to my neck so I could give me a fatal bite in the jugular for knocking it senseless. I never could find it.
Later in the day I kept feeling a tickling sensation on my chest and neck but didn’t think too much of it. In Texas, allergies are a common thing and I figured I had gotten a snort of some offending pollen or dust and that was what had caused my tickles. In one particular fit of tickling, I grabbed what I thought was a loose thread that had balled up but I quickly discovered that I wasn’t being tickled by a thread. I was being tickled by the revenge and hate filled spider!!!!! I think that it almost killed me but I crushed it just in the nick of time. I didn’t scream but I made my body move faster than it has in 25 years trying to get away from the newly crushed spider.
There was only one spider and I definitely killed it, so why do I still have the little tickles? Maybe that spider did get a bite in me before I killed it.  Maybe those tickles I feel are a teeny bit of venom coursing through my veins. Maybe that spider got the last laugh. If you never see another post from me, you’ll know that the spider was deadlier than I had thought.


  1. aren't those post-bug jitters the worst? i can twitch for ages after a run in with something creepy and crawling if it manages to touch my skin.

  2. After I have been bitten at the ranch and do not know what bit me I always "wonder" if it was a bad spider, but so far never has been!