Friday, May 25, 2012

You show me you love me by drooling on me???

I've told you before about my kitty lover Schwayze who loves to sleep on my head. He's almost full grown and he still does it. I'm sure I'll be having neck surgery before long to replace the cartilage there, too. By the time I die, I'll have a fake spine all together. Manchild begs him to sleep on his head but my kitty boy won't have anything to do with him. He's GOT to sleep on MY head.

When he was younger he was content to simply sleep on my head. As he got older, he started kneading, too. He'll place each paw on either side of my head on my neck and knead away, working his claws deeper and deeper into my flesh, working his way towards my jugular veins so he can kill me. Then in addition to all of that, he started licking my hair and getting it all wet before he can fall asleep (forget me falling asleep with all of that going on!). Now, he shows his love and adoration by drooling on me. I've managed to somehow fall asleep with all of the painful kneading and licking and neck breaking going on but now I have to contend with rivulets of drool on my face! GIVE ME A BREAK SCHWAYZE!!!

I know he loves me and that I'm his Mom. He sticks by me more than anyone else in the house even though my oldest kidlet is the one who brought him home and claimed him as hers. Manchild desperately tries to get him to love him and be his kitty. He pets him and scratches him in all the right places and gently tugs his ears juuuuust right but he doesn't get the drool treatment. Nope, that's reserved just for me. Lucky me. Us Moms are so lucky. We get all of the good stuff. Sick kids want us (so we get vomit and the shits), our cats love us so we get kneaded to death and drool, our husbands love us so we get koozies and lawn mower blades for mothers day. I tell ya - I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world.

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