Friday, April 27, 2012

If you're eating then you have to poo, can you return to eating afterwords?

Look,my fabulous illustration makes me look like the hunchback of Porcelonia!

I'm sure all of you have had it happen to you at least once in your lifetime. There you are...sitting at the table enjoying your meal when suddenly your gut clenches and you know you will be unable to put off going to the bathroom before you finish your meal. What do you do? Do you do you doodie (get it? I made a funny!) then resume eating? In theory It seems sort of gross.

I know what goes in must go out but I personally don't want to see the natural process in action while I'm trying to enjoy my risotto and fish. That's just wrong in my book.

When my kidlets were itty bitty and I was working and going to school all at the same time and was super duper busy, I will admit to cramming breakfast down my gullet once while sitting on the porcelain throne, but that was a one-time deal. It grossed me out too much. I decided that I'd rather eat and drive and possibly crash rather than eat and poo all at the same time. I know horses and cows can do it but not moi.

So I have to admit...I was eating lunch and my gut did clench and get the best of me. I had to close my lunch and run for the restroom. And what did I do when I finished? I put what was left of lunch in the refrigerator and went back to work. I couldn't resume eating. Aren't you glad I shared that with you? Now, I want to know if this has happened to any of you. Come on. Tell the truth. 'Fess up.

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  1. my husband used to have that happen all the time during breakfast, so he'd take his oatmeal in there with him, but it gave me a case of the shuddering yucks to think about.
    i think i'd resume eating after an acceptable period of time had lapsed.