Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heads UP!!!

Meet some of my leeeetle freends. Aren't they creepy?

When I talk to them, most of them give me blank stares.

Some of them use Head and Shoulders shampoo even though they don't have shoulders. (Geez, I crack myself up)
(The one on the far right looks like Boy George.)

I have more of these friends but they're "vacationing" in the attic in my Halloween supply box right now. I love to pull these beauties out on occasion and place them randomly throughout the house just for fun. Sometimes one of them will be strategically placed in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator. Another might wind up in the clothes washer, waiting for an unsuspecting teenager to do laundry and find her. Right now, there's on in my kidlet's bed. When she comes back to my house from her Dad's, she'll have someone to cuddle up to when she goes to bed. ha ha Yes, I'm part devil.

I've tried to pull one over on Manchild, too. I put a head in his duffel bag that he uses when he travels from our city house to the little house in the woods. I'm sure it startled him but he just casually tossed it on the floor and kept going about his business. I think I might put one of the heads in the mailbox to see what the mailman does. Or maybe the recycling dudes. Or better yet...put one in the drawer that the drive through banker uses! Yeah, that would be GREATNESS!

I carried one in to work one day and as I was passing the security guard, I told him that a person pulled in front of me as I was driving so I cut her off then I held up the head. He liked that one. I put that same head on the top edge of my cube and gave her a sombrero to wear. Hey, I work at a cosmetics company! I have to make her fashionable!

This head has shoulders but the hair sort of resembles some of the others. I wonder where I can hide it?


  1. why do you have all those heads? and is the hair all attached or is it various wearable wigs?

    1. I saw them a few years ago when my hairdresser opened a closet and I HAD to have them (for Halloween). Then my niece went to beauty school and got me a bunch. I have them because I'm a weird-o I guess. They're great fun to use for pranks. The hair is attached and is in various stages of being hacked on (or off as the case may be). They're practice hair heads.