Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dang stinkin extension cord

Being a fix-it, do it myself kind of girl I have a super cool extension cord. It's super cool because it's hot pink. It's really chick-like,  just like moi.

It's really long so I can go all over my yard. I've actually plugged it in at my back patio, climbed up on the roof and walked over the roof with it and used it on the other side of my house. It's not really 2.6 miles long like the package says but it's long enough. It doesn't weigh 276 pounds either but it feels that way. You may or may not be able to see but the package says "minimal tangle". That's actually what it said on the package when I bought the extension cord. You know what? They lied.

After about two uses do you know what the cord looked like? I bet you can guess.

And since the dang thing weighs about a zillion pounds it's really hard for me to wrap it up nicely. I usually end up stretching it out along the length of the sidewalk (through the whole neighborhood) and slowly rolling it up, twisting and turning the bundle as I go so it won't twist. Then, I have to hoist it up to hang on the wall. I can usually hear my vertabra snapping as I do this.

I'd get a shorter cord but then I wouldn't be able to walk all the way over the house without having to connect another cord. And I'm not sure if I could find another pink one anyway. And what would I have to moan and groan about then?

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