Friday, April 20, 2012

Please and thank you

Being a southern girl, it's automatic for me to say "please" and "thank you" and hold doors open for people who are behind me. I feel good when I can help a Mom who is struggling through a doorway with kids in tow while trying to momhandle an unruly stroller. I've been there. She shouldn't have to struggle. I've got 2 good hands - why not help her? Basically, my Mama taught me good manners.

These days it seems that lots of people didn't learn manners. I've seen women AND men let doors close on people behind them, drivers cut other drivers off, people accepting things without saying thank you and more. I was out tripping the lights fantastic recently and was asked to buy a drink for a dude who was busy playing music for the audience. I did so gladly but when I delivered the drink, the dude I got it for took it, turned around and walked off without saying a word to me. Hey didn't even nod, wink, smile...nothing. You can bet your buttons I won't be buying him anything ever again!

What is it these days? Does everyone think they're entitled to everything and that they don't need to use manners? WRONG!!! Even if I'm paying someone to do something for me, I still thank them as if they're doing me a great service. I treat people who do what might be considered the lowliest job the same as I would the people that do what might be considered the world's most important job. I'm constantly telling my kidlets that everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time. We're all the same. We just have different jobs.

The place where I work is really big into acknowledging good deeds. We are encouraged to nominate others for jobs done well or for good teamwork. It's a great idea in theory but some people forget to thank the people around them who support them. They take them for granted. The people who forget? I think they should be blessed with doing the shittiest job in the building for a few days to remind them how good they have it. Maybe then, they'll remember.

I'm glad to be a proper southern belle. OK, that's sugaring it up just a bit too much. I think a few of my teeth just fell out. How about this: I'm glad my mama taught me some manners to live by and that I treat people the way they should be treated. I hope that the schmucks out there who are rude and inconsiderate step on a nail and need help and are treated by a kindly nurse who teaches them a few manners along the way or else she'll jam the needle full of antibiotics a little harder than necessary in their hineys. If they're still rude she can sweetly say 'frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.'

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