Friday, April 6, 2012

Company is coming!!!

I am sort of a last minute kind of girl when it comes to company coming over. I have good intentions of being prepared so I can relax on the day of company but it never works out that way.

Every year I host Easter at my house for the whole fam-damily. It stands to reason that since everyone coming over is family, I shouldn't have to worry if there's a couple of hundred dust bunnies. Because everyone has to love me warts and all. But I do worry.

I've known Easter is coming all year long and I've known for the last 3 weeks that I need to get my house cleaned and my yard in order so why haven't I done that?
Well, here's one reason:

I'll do anything BUT what I need to do in order to get out of doing what I HAVE to do. It's like an illness. An aversion to what obviously needs to be done.
So of course, I felt the need to get 47 weeks ahead on my blog posts. It was IMPERATIVE that I write enough stories to get me through the end of time. Because my arthritis might flare up and get so bad my fingers might freeze up and fall off. And I had to re-do my home office which involved texturing a wall (I know, you're sick of hearing about it), and painting it then cleaning the entire HVAC system because I got texture dust everywhere. And I need to re-landscape my lawn because spring is here and everything is turning green and I need to make it look nice. And I realized that my washing machine keeps getting off kilter because the little legs that keep it level are unscrewing themselves and one of them actually unscrewed itself so much, it fell completely out. So now I get to fight it and pull the machine all the way out and climb over it so I can get to the back of it and somehow lift it up enough to get the screwy-thingie back in the machine. OK, you got more than one reason - you got bonus reasons, too.

In my frantic quest to put the house in order I realized that I had some helpers. That's probably because I started yelling at anyone who came within 50 feet of me. My kidlets got reminded of what ungrateful swines they were and how they take advantage of my easygoing nature and how they never, ever help me until I'm ready to explode.  Now my youngest one is being pretty helpful. The cats are playing a role, too. Schwayze is "helping" me by reminding me that he's there for me.

Ruby is frightened and is clearing out of my way.

Pork Chop is showing off her hurling skills so that I can develop my arm muscles to mop.

 Don't I have great pets? As for Manchild helping out...well he picks the strangest things to help out with. Like changing a lightbulb. WTF??? I can change a lightbulb! How about vacuuming or something useful? I usually get so frustrated, I'd just rather him leave and come back when it's time for everyone to show up. I'm sure I'll get everything finished just in the nick of time. The house and yard will look great and no one will ever know what a disaster the place was, just hours before they arrived.

Then I can relax for another year or until company comes over and the whole frenzy starts all over again. If any of you come over unexpectedly be prepared to see dust bunnies. That's just how it's going to be people.

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  1. i get a bit spastic when company's coming too. i can't just enjoy it because i have to scrub and clean and do all the things that i ought to do all the time anyway.