Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chitty chitty - CRAP they're CHIGGERS!

Dad gummit! It's already chigger season again at our little house in the woods. I've got bites in places I don't want to mention and I didn't even go traipsing around in the woods! All I did is walk the perimeter and strolled in the yard taking pictures.

Those little creeps managed to embed themselves everywhere the straps of my "over the shoulder boulder holders" were and now I walk around wiggling like I've got..............chiggers. Luckily they stayed away from my lady bits for the most part. Although, I do have a few near my hiney so I'm sure I look like I've got a horrible wedgie because I'm always tugging back there to try and scratch that dang itch.

Let me just say for the record that I absolutely hate chiggers. I hate chiggers worse than mosquitos and I hate them pretty damn bad. I hate chiggers so much, if I were to meet one walking down the alley, I'd attack it and beat it up and leave it bleeding and gasping for air. And I'd probably pour salt on it's wounds. And laugh. Then spit on it. And call it a mean old sissy baby. Buy I wouldn't kill it because I'd want it to suffer just like I'm suffering right now.

I freakin' HATE chiggers! Dammit!

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