Thursday, March 1, 2012

Strange Obsessions

Besides loving cats of which I have 3, I love holey rocks which I've posted about before. But have I ever told you about my obsession with hands? Yep, I love hands. It's one of the first things I look at when I meet someone new. I also collect them and let me tell ya, they're not easy to find.

I'm not sure when I became obsessed with them for sure. I think it was after I got divorced. My ex had the most beautiful hands of anyone I know. His fingers are long and squared off at the fingertips. They're not too veiny but they are strong. He worked with his hands for years, fixing computers and stuff and the way he held his tools and used them was pure beauty. I know it's not an oedipal complex but I bet some shrink out there has a good name for it.

Anyway, since you've seen pictures of my cats and pictures of my holey rocks I figured I'd treat you to pictures of my hands. I didn't think that I had very many until I started going around the house photographing them. I've got wooden ones, ceramic ones, resin ones, plaster ones, metal ones and cloth ones.

The cool thing about my hands is that each one tells a story.

This is a cool candelabra I found and it's strange enough that I absolutely love it! 
 This is my Daddy's hand. He knows how much I like hands so while at a street fair he saw a booth where he could have his hand cast and that's what he did. I love it.
This is my oldest kidlet's hand that I cast when she was just a young pup. I like how she elected to put a ring on her finger. She's such a fashionista. 
 These are some random hands I found at various places. I love the black sparkly one. It's a Halloween hand but since I love hands and I love Halloween, I keep it out year round.
 This is my hand. It doesn't look like I have a wrist, but it was my first time casting and I didn't have a big enough bucket to dip my hand in. Do you like how I'm holding a rock? Rocks are another one of my favorite things.
 I love hands so much, I even have hand jewelry. This is a super cool necklace I found at an art fair. I wear it all the time and feel special when I wear it. I get lots of comments on it.
I'm not sure what this little brass pointer hand is for. It's about 4 inches long and made of brass. I got it from Manchild but he doesn't know where it came from. Who cares, I love it and it's small enough I can carry it around with me. In case I need to point at something.

Both of these beauties are ones I found in antique shops. The one on the right is a little bit girly-girl for me but it's a hand and as I've said, they're hard to find.
I went to a party once and noticed that this was being used as a cake stand. Of course I was drawn to it and was absolutely delighted when my friend told me that she saw it and got it for me since I love hands so much. So it can be a cake stand or flower vase or just sit there and look cool.
This is my beloved hand table. When I saw it in a catalog I almost blew my drink out of my nose I was so excited. It's not terribly stable but who the heck-fire cares?!?!? It's a HAND table, people! How awesome is that???
I found this in an antique store and was smitten with it. Then, the store owner told me that it was an old timey turn signal for a car and I loved it even more. Apparently, there was a lever in the car and the driver simply had to pull on it and the hand would signal other drivers that the car was about to turn. How cool. I think I need to bolt this onto my Charger. 
There's a great story behind this one. My Othermother knows I'm nutty for hands and while shopping one day she was in a botique that sold jewelry. The ring you see on the hand was for sale. Not the hand. But it's so awesome, she knew I'd totally flip for it (which I did). She convinced the store owner to sell the ring display along with the ring. It's just...awesome. It's covered in glitter so it's all sparkly and fantastical. I call it Elvira. 
The cute little hand holding the feathers is that of my youngest kidlet. She insisted that I paint her fingernails. Again, no wrist but I'll make sure I get it on the next go around because I will definately cast my kid's hands again.
The middle hand is sort of India-ish. I like it because it's so rich brown.
The wooden hand has been positioned by just about every person who has ever come to my home. Usually, I find it shooting the bird and I wonder why people can't come up with something a little more original.

So now you know I am totally off my rocker and like to collect wierd things. I get great pleasure in finding them, looking at them and sharing them with my friends. I remember all kinds of people when I look at them. If you come across a hand, let me know. If the price is right, I'll buy it. Hands down!

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  1. that's interesting--I like hands too (on people) and didn't realise there were hand knicknacks out there. OH well, there's a market for everything!