Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creative Editing

I hate to admit it but I'm sort of addicted to a few reality shows. I absolutely love, love, love "My Big Redneck Vacation". It's absolutely hilarious. The people on the show are so crazy, they're absolutely believeable. I've even recomended that show to friends! Check it out, you'll laugh till you pee your pants.

One show I always end up getting sucked into even though I hate it is the Bachelor show. It's so freakin' corny and predictable and it's always the same thing over and over and over and yet I'm glued to the TV on the final night to see which girl is the true love girl. Hell, I'd be a true love girl if I got to to travel to 20 exotic destinations and do fabulous things and drink all day every day and be given a gazillion carat diamond ring at the end!

This season was particularly interesting because one of the women was horribly horrible. She was a 'put an iron collar around your throat while you sleep or she'll slit your throat' horrible. And the doofus bachelor was just plain dumb as a stump. Actually, he seemed like a nice guy (with a 1970s hair-do) with some decent morals (except that he allowed himself to make out with 25 women all at once). He was just stupid to the fact that all of the women warned him that his chosen honey was a viper and he chose her anyway.

Now, I'm aware that what you see on TV isn't always exactly what was really going on. Creative editing can make the worst person look virtuous and the best person look like a villan. Just look at politicians! In the case of the Bachelor I think that the chick he picked was pretty much unedited and that's kind of scary. I can't believe the firestorm that this season has caused. I guess the TV execs are estatic because they had huge ratings. Everyone wanted to watch the train wreck that was Ben and Courtney unfold.

Mr. Man hates all reality TV with the exception of Redneck Vacation and Doomsday Preppers (because we need to know what to do when the world ends, yall). I guess we'll keep tuning in together to the shows we can both stomach and I'll keep giving in to my guilty pleasure of watching girls fight over guys and vice versa. It's better than real life.

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