Thursday, March 15, 2012!

This is Pork Chop. The critter in the green ball is Alfred. Alfred is a miniature hamster. Kidlet #1 showed up with her one day and she's now part of our zoo. Alfred doesn't take too kindly to people holding her. In fact, she'll bite the shit out of you if you pick her up so we just gently nudge her into her little ball and let her roll around the house for exercise.

Our cats are totally fascinated by Alfred. Since she's an incredibly cute, furry little rodent I'm sure the cats just want to eat her. It must be intimidating to be so small and have your natural predator inches from your face, licking their chops, wanting to eat you. Our youngest kitty, Schwayze is still a kid so he's too stupid to know what's right in front of him. He just likes playing with the ball. But the other two cats know Alfred as the snack that she could be.

The other day I wanted to pick Alfred up to clear out her cage and I knew she'd bite the shit out of me with her tiny little teeth so I got smart and put on an oven mitt for protection. You should have seen the little girl attack that glove! She gave it her all but my fingers remained unharmed. It only takes one or two bites from those razor sharp teeny teeth to learn not to pick her up. I don't blame her for biting. I'd bite a hand that was 36,000 times larger than I was!

Anyway, that's the story of Alfred and the hungry cats. The first picture says it all. Pork Chop is telling Alfred "get in my belly"!!!


  1. that alfred (btw, i like when animals are named for the opposite sex) looks like a tasty morsel! nom nom nom

    1. One time we had a hen that I named Laughing Henry because I thought she sounded like she was laughing. It's just the way I roll.
      Dang it! I can't figure out how to respond to my commenters without having to log in as myself!!!