Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Stalagtites, Stalagmites and Potatoites

In my quest to get back to looking like a svelte sweet young thang, I've been trying to lay off the starches a little bit. Being a Texas girl, I love my steak and taters. Actually, it's the taters I love the most. Taters and beer to be exact. Hey, at least I'm giving up one of them!!!

I ALWAYS keep an ample supply of potatoes in the pantry so I can eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yes, I eat potatoes for breakfast. Don't you? I like them fried with milk gravy for breakfast. Lunchtime, I can eat them any way. The same goes for dinner. Anyway, I was going to fix dinner tonight for Mr. Wonderful and of course I planned on adding a course of potatoes. I went into the pantry to grab a few and I was shocked to see that they were growing! I guess I haven't paid them much attention since I've cut back and those spuds were a sproutin'!

Oh horror of horrors! I couldn't be out of potatoes! Upon closer examination I determined that they were still edible. I knocked the sprouts off and went about my merry way, slicing and dicing. I guess since they're sprouting I'll have to have a tater fiesta for the next couple of days - hooray! Mr. Man won't be too happy about that because he doesn't share my love of the spud but he'll get over it.

Let's see, tonight we're having oven roasted potatoes with a dash of soy sauce, anchovies and rosemary. Don't turn your nose up! I see you! Try it sometime. It's good. The trick is to only use a few anchovies. I don't know what it is about them, they just add a really nice flavor and I don't even like the things! Tomorrow we can have twice baked taters. And the next day we'll have home fries. And the day after that I might just have some for breakfast since it'll be Saturday.

Bon appetit yall!

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