Thursday, March 22, 2012

Share a waffle, get a soda

I'm baaaaack! Yesterday was the day from hell body-wise and I bitched, cried and moaned (sorry you had to hear me cry about it) but I'm back in the saddle. With a seat belt on, but I'm back in the saddle.

I always bring breakfast with me to work and eat at my desk and this morning I just couldn't handle eating the two waffles I brought so I gave one to a co-worker who was hungry. I was happy to be able to share. Then I decided that I wanted a diet Dr. Pepper so I tottered to the vending machine, fed in my dollar and was disappointed to discover that the machine was out of my desired drink.

No problem, my building has vending machines on every floor so I went down to another floor. The 60 cent machine did not carry diet Dr. Pepper but another machine had them in the plastic bottle style only that kind cost $1.25 and of course, I only had a dollar on me. There was a lady in the area and she gave me the extra quarter so I could have my drink. I asked her name so I could give her the quarter back once I got back to my desk and she told me that it was only a quarter and not to worry about it! How cool is that?!?!?!

So you see, you give a waffle and you get a soda! Share people! You never know what you might get in return. Karma baby, it's cool.


  1. i think that having dr pepper for breakfast sounds like a perfect plan. that used to be my coffee every morning until i had to give up soda for weight loss purposes.
    i hope you get feeling better.
    did you get anyone to take the puppies?

    1. Thanks Sherilin! We haven't found a home for the puppies yet :-( I hate stupid people!