Monday, March 26, 2012

Creative Mania

Because I tend to operate in manic mode my creative streaks happen that way, too. I’ve had quite a dry spell in the creative realm so I’m really happy that the creative juices are flowing once again. The more I think about things, the more convinced I am that some meds I was taking were the culprit. I gained 50 pounds while on them, my creativity went flat, my sex drive was kaput (oops, TMI), I had NO energy and I craved sweets. In my life, I haven’t really been one to crave sweets except when I was on that medication. Of course, just like everything else to do with my body, I didn’t notice it until things were drastic.

Sort of like me not knowing my arm was hurt until it almost fell off, or not knowing my back was in trouble until it was discovered that I had NO cartilage left and the bones were just grinding against one another and I could barely walk. Oops, as usual I sort of got off subject.

Anyhoo…I’m happy to say that my creative mania streak is back in full force. I’ve been writing stories just as fast as I can get them down. I’ve been snapping pictures like crazy. I’ve been drawing illustrations for my stories like Picasso – only mine are much uglier and more poorly done because I suck a drawing. For my weekend at our little house in the woods, I brought a sketchpad and markers, my camera, a notebook and a laptop because I wanted to create some major stuff! And create I did!

Mr. Wonderful fired up the grill, which is usually something that’ll bring me running so I can play in the fire. And cook stuff but mainly, play in the fire. I kept my fanny planted at the picnic table 5 feet away, furiously typing stories. I didn’t get up once to poke at the flames. Gasp, shudder… Next, he started piling up wood in the fire pit. He must have had a pile that was about 4-5 feet tall by the time he lit it (which is usually what I do by the way) and still; my fanny was planted at the table. I was a typing fool people!

I must admit that the lovely scented tendrils of bonfire smoke worked their magic and I was torn away from my maniacal typing. It was probably a good thing because my eyes were starting to dry out and shrivel up because I was so busy with typing, I couldn’t be bothered with blinking. 
I made my way over to the fire….aaahhhh, lovely beautiful fire. So pretty and sparkly. So intoxicating in it’s beauty, drawing me closer and closer and
c l  o    s     e       r. Oh snap! Ember in the hair – oh the stench! I was snapped out of my trance and instantly inspired to snap a picture of the flames with my cellie and send it to special people in my phone book list. This in turn inspired me to get my camera and snap pictures first of smoke tendrils, then of the cool little glowing embers as they floated up into the sky.

Manchild and I played with photographing embers for an hour or so until we were forced to stop because the dinner that was cooking on the grill would be incinerated if we didn’t tend to it. I didn’t want to stop to eat! I wanted to keep playing with the fire and taking pictures! By the time we scarfed down our feast, we were full as ticks and couldn’t get down into the beach chairs by the fire because they were too low and our bellies were too fat and full. Instead, we wound up on the couch watching Alfred Hitchcock. Since my mind was still overflowing, I decided to get out my trusty sketchpad and scratch out some more shitty illustrations for your viewing pleasure.

I think I went to bed at about 1:30 am and as usual, as soon as the sun started rising my eyes popped open. Here I sit, typing like crazy, drawing like crazy, snapping pictures, drinking iced coffee at the lovely hour of…let me look……7 am. And you know what? I love it! I’m so happy my brain is overcrowded with ideas. Picture Snoopy doing his little happy dance with that cute little smile on his face and that’s how I feel. I’m so glad I’ve got my creative mania mojo back.

I’ll probably drive my beloved insane because I’m like a hummingbird on super nectar – WAIT! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! He might actually be happier because I’m so twitter pated because this way, I’ll be out of his hair! As long as he steers clear of me and hides the sharp objects, I can ricochet all over the place and won’t be climbing all over him every 15 seconds asking for hugs and kisses. I’ll only rocket by every 7 minutes and climb on him asking for hugs and kisses. Which he always gives me, no matter how many times I want them thankyouverymuch.

Thanks for reading but I’ve gotta go now. I just saw some mayflies and I want to take some pictures of them. No, wait! There’s a hawk I spotted! I’ve got to photograph him! Or I could draw him! Or I could write a story about him! But first I want to plant some flower seeds I just found which might look good with this blue nail polish I just discovered that could look cool if I painted that rock over there with it but the grass needs to be trimmed just a little first so if I took a picture of it, it would look really cool……

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