Monday, March 19, 2012


Warning: I'm going on a rant so spare yourself if you want to.

Do you see these adorable puppies? Some lowlife, scumbag, puppy hating, degenerate (who I hope dies a slow, painful death) dumped them way out in the country with no food or water. These little guys are young enough, I'm sure they would have become coyote food pretty quickly had my bro in law not rescued them.

Over the 4 years or so that I've been going to our little house in the woods with Manchild, I've seen too many abandoned critters for my taste. Of course, I've wanted to adopt every single one of them. Mr. Man has a very tender heart and he loves, loves, loves animals (way more so than humans) so he always feeds them and tries to find them homes. A couple of cats stuck around long enough to start to feel like pets but eventually, the fateful day came when they didn't return. I'm sure the coyotes or bobcats got them. It's so dang sad. I know the other critters have to eat but still!

We had a very emaciated dog turn up one time and while he looked kind of scary, he was sweet. It was heartbreaking to see how thin he was. When we gave him water, he drank it like he hadn't had any in weeks. We gave him some food and the look on his face nearly made me cry. He looked so grateful. He stuck around for a few days and regained some of his strength and of course, he disappeared.

I'm learning that I have to be careful not to become too attached to the critters that wander up because so many of them don't make it. I guess if we were down there all of the time they'd stand a better chance. Maybe when I retire and we move to the woods for good I can start my makeshift zoo. Until then, I guess I'll have to settle for enjoying the precious moments we get with our temporary friends.

As for the puppies? For now they're safely tucked into a large outdoor pen until we can find them a home. I've posted on Facebook, my company's "garage sale" site, e-mail bombs and I've printed out pictures and hung them everywhere. I'm doing everything I can to help them.

As for the people who dumped them on the roadside...well, I hope I catch them one day because I want to beat the living hell out of them. Then I'll blind them and leave them out in the middle of nowhere - naked and see how well they fare. They deserve every bit of bad karma in the world. I hate those f*&%kers! By the way...anyone want to adopt an adorable little puppy? I have two.

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