Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What The.........?????

A while ago I had some huge horrible back surgery and I was on LOTS of paid meds. I......mean......LOTS. My days were spent either lounging on the sofa or lounging on the bed. And taking pain pills. Some days I lounged on the bed then the sofa (and took pain pills). Other days I lounged on the sofa then the bed (and took pain pills). I did a lot of lounging (and taking pain pills). To be honest, it was about 3 months of pure misery. And I don't think I could be a pill popping addict. Swallowing so many pills gets pretty old, pretty fast.

During my recovery period, my oldest offspring had to go the the dentist and have her wisdom teeth removed. She went, they drugged her and yanked those suckers out then sent her wobbling home.
So picture this; two really drugged up girls, feeling like poopy, lounging on the sofa, trying to keep their eyes from rolling out of their heads. It wasn't a pretty sight. Lucky for us, my Mom - aka Nonnie took care of us. She's the best person to ever take care of us. EVER!

Apparently, my kidlet and I were in the throes of a drugged pity party when I decided to write down our thoughts. Here's how I wrote them:

A day in the life of kidlet and Elizabeth
Wake up
take pills
sleep a bit
more pills
take sips of water
pretend to read
have Nonnie shove food down our throats
more pills
pet cats
watch old re-runs
cry a little
kneel at Nonnie's feet & vow undying love
take 40 minutes to take a stinkin' shower because I can't bend over
cry for Nonnie to come save us for an hour or so

How sad is that? I remember my Mom keeping track of our medicine intake which I'm grateful for, because in our state, we might have just swallowed the entire bottle all at once!

At the time it was really sad and I thought it'd never end but looking back on it, and having read my "journal" it's pretty funny. I love the entry where I wrote "hallucinate." That was fairly true. The unfair part was that my kidlet recovered in about 3 days from her ordeal. It's been a little over a year and I'm still recovering. It comes in handy sometimes because if I want to get out of something (housework) I can say it's too painful. If I'm particularly bubble headed one day, I can blame it on pain pills. It's a win-win situation. I wonder if people will still believe me in 7 or 8 years. Hope so.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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