Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Night Out


After feasting on Thanksgiving goodies up here in the wicked city, I decided to retreat to our little cabin in the woods for some R&R. It was wonderfully quiet and peaceful. So peaceful in fact, I started jonesing for a little action so Mr. Wonderful and I decided to head into the nearest town to a club to hear some music.

The town is small - only about 30,000 people or so which means there aren't really too many entertainment options available. There is a new place which regularly has live music so the scene has improved greatly. We entered the venue and were pleasantly surprised to see that it was a packed house. The people watching was fantastic and this is what this little tale is all about.

When I think about guys in camo, I either think of my Manchild (when he goes hunting) or hunky soldiers like this guy...isn't he pretty? Camo is used to disguise a person so they won't be seen easily. It's pretty effective, too. I've seen my beloved when he was all painted up, wearing his camo pants and shirt and jacket and hat and boots (do you get the drift? He gets doodied all the way up!) and when he walks into the trees, I can't see him.

The place we went out to wasn't woodsy or full of soldiers ready for battle. It was a club with a stage and tables and chairs, and a full service bar. But there were enough people dressed in camo, we thought that maybe we had missed the memo to dress up like hunters or soldiers. It was crazy!

These weren't the actual people in the club, but many of them looked like the people in these pictures! I didn't realize that camo clothes were the popular stepping out attire!

The ladies that didn't have camo on were either wearing sweats/track suits or they were blinged out head to toe in jeans that had more rhinestones than I ever imagined possible, rhinestone belts, rhinestone shirts and artfully decorated boots.

Again, I obviously didn't get the memo. That, and I don't have rhinestone clothes. Or camo clothes for that matter. If you look at the lovely wedding couple in the picture above you'll notice that they have a camo limo. I might get me one of those...I could go party all night then slip through the woods to the deer blind and never be seen. But that's as far as I think I'm willing to take things.

I guess that the next time Mr. Man and I decide to go paint the town red, I'll need to wear something with a little bling to it so I won't stand out like a sore thumb.

I don't think I'd stand out too much in one of these getups. Maybe the country girls will like my outfit and we'll trade secrets about where to get garments with the most beads possible per square inch.

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