Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Kitchen Disasters

I found a wonderful recipe from one of my fave sites - for a heavenly dish called Chicken Pillows.

This picture doesn't do it justice!
Unfortunately, I'm the kind of cook that starts thawing out stuff and begins a recipe before I'm sure that I have all of the ingredients - that should be a warning right there.
I thawed out my chicken and was letting the cream cheese and butter soften when I started to wonder if I had croissant rolls that were called for. Luckily, there was a can in the way way nether regions of my fridge. I started to open the can and was having a hard time getting the seal to pop so I tapped the can against the edge of the counter. All of a sudden there was a very loud 'pop' and the metal end of the can shot across the room, dough exploded everywhere and it smelled like a brewery in my kitchen! I guess those rolls had been in the fridge way past their due date.
I tried to salvage things by making my own crust but frankly, I stink at pastries. I poured out all of the ingredients and when I got to the part about adding shortening, I realized I didn't have any. I got my kidlet to look on the internet to see if there was a substitute for it and she found out you could use vegetable oil. Bingo! Except that I didn't have veggie oil, I only had olive oil. I used that and when I started mixing it in with the flour I thought it looked like the recipe called for too much oil so I only used 1/2 of the oil. I fought with that dang batter for about 1/2 hour to get it rolled out all nice and thin and the batter won. I finally ended up grabbing chunks of it and smashing it flat and cramming in the chicken mixture, then wadding the whole mess up till it was closed for the most part.
Long story short, it turned out fairly well. The crust was extremely flaky (and very flour-ey and dry) and the chicken mixture was great. It even stayed within the crust rather than seeping out all over my oven. The lesson here is that I should never ever try to make crust. And people should take cover whenever a can of crescent rolls is being popped open, and for those of you who are organized...make sure you have all of your ingredients when you plan on cooking something.

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