Monday, November 14, 2011

My Head is NOT a Pillow!

My little kitty, Schwayze sleeps on my head. Literally. He puts his front paws on either side of my face, his body is draped over my head, and his back legs are on my pillow.

He's not really a lion, but he's heavy enough that I wind up with a crick in my neck. The other thing he does with his paws which are always on either side of my face is to do the typical kitty thing...kneading. I have thousand of little pinpricks of blood on my cheeks and neck where he's happily kneaded my skin into oblivion. Even if I trim his claws, he manages to hone them to needles by the time I go to bed. Thanks Schwayze.

He also likes to lick my hair. I don't know if it's because my hair goop tastes good to him or he just likes to torture me. I mean, come on! Have you felt a cat's tongue? It's like there are little knives on the surface of their tongue!

I don't hold it against him...he loves me and is as soft as a bunny. All I have to do is put my head under the covers for a little bit and he'll quit. Until I poke my head out again. Aren't cats funny?

How can I resist his pleading to sleep with me? "Mom, please let me sleep with you. I promise not to claw your face or lick and pull your hair or lie on your head and give you a crick in the neck. (Until you're asleep.) Please, please, please can I sleep with you?????"

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  1. My kitty Echo likes to sleep at the back of my knees - until she decides to lick me in the face at 3am ...