Friday, November 11, 2011


Who doesn't love bacon? No one I know. Bacon makes everything better. Got a burn? Slap a piece of bacon on it. Heartache? Ditto. Insomnia? Ditto again. Bacon is God's little gift to us humble humans. I cook it, eat it, and use the drippings to flavor other dishes I make. I keep a little bacon fat can in my fridge and admit that I use the stuff quite often. In this day and age of healthy eating I know that bacon is sort of a no-no but when used sparingly, it can make the whole world seem a lot better.

Apparently zillions of other people feel my love for bacon because there are tons of web sites devoted to bacon. See? Here's one:

And there are lots of bacon products that aren't actually bacon. Like this:

Bacon has got to be great if all these products exits, right? I've got to go...I'm going to make myself a bacon sandwich!

Viva la bacon!!!

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