Thursday, November 3, 2011

Slicked Hair and Icy Cheeks

Good old Texas never know what it's going from day to day. Yesterday I was wearing short sleeves because it was in the upper 70s. Today I need a jacket because the high is only supposed to reach the mid 50s. There's an old saying that says 'if you don't like the weather in Texas, wait a day - it'll change.' So true!

I love sleeping in the cold. I pile on the blankets and snuggle under them and all is right with the world.  I've usually got a cat or two, Mr. Manchild - who is like a 2000 degree oven, my 37 blankets and flannel sheets...always flannel. The only thing exposed to the air is my head from the base of my nose and up. I also like to sleep with a fan blowing in my face. In the summer and the winter. I want the fan to be on full blast and as close to my face as possible. Some mornings I wake up with my hair like this:                          The wind was so strong and I left enough of my head poking out that my hair was slicked back almost. Well, not really but if I had long hair It could happen! Mr. Wonderful sleeps with a fan on his side of the bed as well so basically every night we're in a tornadic dream vortex.  Ya like those big words? I thought I came up with a great term - tornadic dream vortex...sounds sort of sci-fi.

I keep the house at a balmy 67 degrees in the winter. My girls wear layers of clothes and complain but I love it because I can use lots of blankets. Mr. Man just sweats.

In the summer at our house in the woods, he keeps the thermostat set in the 50s! He actually has one of those old timey thermostats that you move the lever to the left or the right to adjust the air cooler or warmer. In the mornings, the little arrow in the temperature indicator window isn't even visible. It's all the way into the cold area as far as it will go. Talk about chilly! I used to complain but I guess I'm getting used to it. Besides, we have so many bonfires down there, I need the cold air to soothe my burned face, so it all works out.

So, it's cool in Texas today and by tomorrow or the day after it'll be warm again. Never put your summer clothes away in winter, you might need them and vice versa.

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