Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What would you do for love?

Love is a fickle thing. You can love someone and sorta hate them at the same time. You'll do crazy stupid things for the one you love. Love can make you happy and it can make you sad. Sometimes, you're blinded by it. I had a conversation with a girlfriend recently and she claimed to love a guy even though he didn't seem to act so lovingly towards her. In my mind, the guy treats her like dirt and does things that I would never stand for but because she loves him, she puts up with the things he does. That got me to thinking...'how far would I go for love?'

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 Even though I divorced my first husband, I loved him...still do. He's the father of our 2 wonderful girls. He's a great dad, was a great provider, wasn't mean or abusive and was loyal - we just didn't fit together properly. I stayed in the marriage longer than I should have but I got out before I hated him and we are friends to this day. So for love, I stayed in a relationship that made me crazy and sad and made me do things to myself that I don't think I would ever do now.

Being married to Manchild also makes me employ crazy love. He says things that practically makes my skin melt off they're so bad but I put up with it because I love him. He's sort of old school in his way of thinking; he lets me cook and clean without helping but I put up with it because I love him. The other me, the one outside of my body and not in the relationship, tells me to kick his ass into shape and make him be more fair or else get the hell out but I don't listen to that girl.

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The love I have for my girls is something else entirely. I'd kill for them. If someone hurt them, I'd probably get myself killed in the process of trying to kill the offender but I wouldn't care. NO ONE messes with my babies. I'd fight a bear to save them. I'd skin an alligator alive to save them. I'd fight off a gang of angry she-male disco queens to save them. I'd be a total bad ass.

The other night I got a text from Mr. Man as I was on my way home. He basically placed his order for the local taco joint for me to pick up but he made one fatal mistake. He didn't say "please" or "thank you" anything nice. He simply texted 'I'll take two tacos and a bean burrito.' I have to admit, that flew all over me. I pretended not to see that stupid text and when I got home, he was all puffed up because I didn't bring him dinner. I replied (with a lot of snark) that I was not a dang ol' short order cook. I told him that he was my king but that I was his princess and should be treated as such. I demanded respect and good manners from him. I love him but I won't let him dis me.

My friend who loves the shit bag guy who in my unrequested opinion treats her with less respect than a dog, is hurt by her man's actions and yet, she keeps returning to him. I posed the following question to her in an attempt to get her to stand up for herself;

Suzie Q, how did your daddy treat your mama?

Like a queen. He was the best and always respected her and treated her wonderfully.

So is that the kind of guy you'd like to have?


And how does douche bag Mr. Absentee treat you? Like your daddy treated your mama?

No, he treats me in the totally opposite way.

If you saw such a good role model in your daddy, and that's how you'd like to be treated, then why are you with Mr. X?

Because I love him.

See, I told you love makes you do crazy stupid shit. I can't make my girlfriend change her mind any more than I can walk away from Manchild because he does stuff that bothers me. Sometimes, it's the crazy quirks that are the most endearing. What would you do for love?

Thanks to Awkward Family Photos for this great picture!

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