Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Man Periods

For as big and scary and boomy sounding as Manchild is, sometimes he's just that...a child. He gets into funks that no one can drag him out of, which just drives me batty. He can't tell me what's wrong - just that he's in a funk. I do everything I can to cheer him up but it's a waste of my time. I've learned to leave the scene when he's on his "period."

Yes, I believe that men have periods. Not in the literal sense but certainly in the pissy, moody PMS sense. In fact, I think that when they're on their periods they're way worse than we are. Big friggin' babies. There's no reasoning with a man whose on his period; he'll argue with you to the point of exhaustion. And I firmly believe that they try to boast about how much tougher their day was compared to yours. You could have delivered 75 babies, put out a fire in a burning building, driven 75 hours and cooked 2,000 meals and he'd still say his day was harder than yours (meaning you should coddle him).

Just the other day, my Mr. Wonderful was in a funk and he yelled at my youngest kidlet for something so stupid it was crazy. He made her cry which instantly pissed me off. She's a super sweet kid and would never do something to intentionally make him mad so for him to yell at her enough to make her cry - well, I was ready to drop kick his ass. It's OK to be in a bad mood but it's not OK to take it out on innocent bystanders.

My girls and walked a wide path around Manchild that evening. We didn't want his wrath. I didn't want to have to kick his ass into next week in front of the kids. I'm not sure if he even realized that we all scattered whenever he was nearby and frankly, I don't care. I sure hope today is better because I'm getting sick and tired of his period. I won't take it. No way, no how. Period!


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