Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pretty Poochie

When I was a kid my family had a Dalmation. We named her Screwey because she was goofy. She'd eat the stickers that she got in her feet. She'd stick her snout under water in an attempt to catch crawdads. She'd roll in dead armadillo shells right after I had bathed her. Speaking of bathing Screwey, let me tell ya...she was one pampered pooch. I'd bathe her then put perfume on her and I always painted her toenails. Just like me, she never went without painted toenails.

My new pooch, Lucille is quickly learning the life of beauty. I've already given her 2 baths and her nails have been 2 different colors so far. Hey, she's a girl dog - she needs painted nails!

Look at those pretty toes! She knows she's pretty, too. She prances more when her toenails are red. Now she needs a blinged out collar in a hot pink because if she's going to live in a house with 2 girl cats and 3 girls she needs to look like a lady!

Viva la femme! (That's supposed to say something like Long Live Ladies - only I don't speak or write French)

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