Friday, July 27, 2012

Mean Creep-os

My sweet little kidlet got a life lesson the other day. She learned that some people are just mean old creeps - not a lesson I wanted her to have to learn so early in life. Her car was parked on a street and some jerk went down that street, hitting cars with a brick. Her car got dented and had a chunk of paint chipped off and she was off the charts upset about it. I would have been, too! Later she found out that there were about 6 other cars on the street that had the same thing happen. That doesn't make it any better but at least she wasn't singled out.

I experienced mean creeps when my home got burglarized and when someone scratched my car all the way down both sides of it. I hated whoever it was that did that. It took me a long time to get back to my people loving self. I'm forever changed though, and am a bit wary of something else happening thanks to those jerks.

A friend told me the story of a group of young boys that she encountered who were standing around a bucket with a lid, just laughing their heads off. There was a thumping sound coming from the bucket and when the lid was raised, she saw a frog with a bloody head. Those rotten boys had filled the bucket almost to the top with water, placed the frog inside and put the lid on it. The thumping sound was the frog trying to jump up for air to avoid drowning. It had hit the lid so many times trying to save it's own life, it's head was bloodied. The boys thought it was hilarious. I almost cried just hearing the story because I felt so badly for that poor frog and I wasn't even witness to the crime!

What makes people do stupid, bad, mean, horrible stuff?!? What is fun about slowly torturing an innocent frog? What is fun about ruining other people's property? How can the people that do those kinds of things live with themselves? This is just a personal observation, but it seems like guys do more stuff like that than girls do. So what is it about guys that makes them so destructive? Testosterone? Balls? Lack of brains? All I know is I never, ever have the desire to tear something up, torture helpless animals, deface property, fight, spit, slam dance, be overly obsessive about something, brag about "doing" someone,  or call my friends names like douche bag or scrote.

I can't prove that a guy is the one who went down that street throwing bricks at cars but I bet you a dollar it wasn't a girl. I'd bet it was a pimply faced, hormone ravaged young punk with too much time on his hands and not enough parental supervision. And yes, I blame the parents as much as I do the kid. Too many parents are too lazy to teach their kids right from wrong and our society is filled with immoral children who will probably grow up to be immoral adults. But that's another soap box I could stand on on another day. I'll just finish by saying that I'm sorry my kidlet had to find out about the schmucks of the world. I hope karma rises up and kicks their rotten asses and teaches them a good lesson. Mean creep-os!

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  1. OMG THOSE LITTLE FUCKING PRICKS WITH THE FROG!! I would have been hard pressed to control my temper.